Recently, I (as in Angela) came across an Instagram post under the hashtag #FemaleFriendship asking if female friendships were a myth.  And it got me thinking. Do women still feel as though a female friendship is this elusive, competitive thing that doesn't truly exist?

Erica and I know for certain, it's not a myth. Because we're best friends, and business partners. With every trial and tribulation we go through, we come out stronger on the other side.   We have watched friendships blossom and grow in The B Hive Apiary for the past 4 years. It's not only inspiring to see but has intensified our own desire to help more women make more meaningful friendships in their lives with other women. We see other women in The B Hive Apiary who have changed their entire perspective on females, female friendship and groups like ours...just by participating and seeing what a good example of a female friend can look like.

So we're here to tell you:

No. Female Friendship is not a Myth.

Instead we're here to tell you it's essential to have a Bold Female Friend who's going to be there through thick and thin, who's going to pick you up with all the cards fall and who's going to cry tears of joy when everything goes right. Someone who's going to push you outside of your comfort zone because they know it'll make you a better person.

But in order to find a Bold Female Friend - you need to be one and you need to be ready for one. So what does it take to be and receive a B.F.F?

  • Be open to the truth. Because sometimes it hurts. A Bold Female Friend isn't going to beat around the bush. They want you to succeed, they want you to be better and they want to help. Sometimes what comes with that is some real truth about what you're doing, who you are and its not always sugar coated. Being able to LISTEN to the truth, take it into consideration and not react in a bad way is really important.  Your emotions are important, but remember that your friend is looking out for you! 
  • Be constructive, not critical.  Bitching and moaning doesn't really help improve anything. Try to be constructive with any feedback you provide a friend, and ask for more constructive feedback from your friends! There's no shame in asking for honest feedback from a friend - you're going to get great support! 
  • CELEBRATE THAT BITCH! A B.F.F is going to celebrate the shit out of you when you accomplish something big. Make sure you're celebrating the shit out her! As women, we don't celebrate ourselves enough - big or small. Even the tiniest win is worth celebrating. But don't keep all the celebration to yourself - your B.F.F will need that kick ass support too! 
  • Let go of those who can't hold the space. Probably the hardest part of having Bold Female Friendships is recognizing that you need to sometimes leave behind people you've had as friends for a long time. Sometimes, we surpass the people in our lives and it's ok to move forward without them. You ultimately have to do whats best for you and your life and surround yourself with the people who will get you there. 


Want more tips on building Bold Female Friendships? Check out episode 26 of The B Hive Apiary Podcast - available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify! 

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