Over the last four years, we've grown quite a bit! We also realized that we haven't really explained exactly what we do and why we're called The B Hive Apiary!

When we met, we were both new to Austin. We had both tried the regular methods to making friends - through work, volunteering, *shudders* meetups and other Facebook groups created to help people make friends.  And we did meet through another Facebook group - but not as a result of anything that that particular Facebook group had help to initiate, it just happened to work out that we were in the same place at the same time.  When we met, we instantly clicked! It also occurred to us, that making friends as adults, especially in your late 20s & early 30s was not easy. In fact, it's really fucking hard.  But since we had such and instant connection - we turned to each other and said do you want to be friends? And be like really committed to being friends? And we both said yes - and we stuck to our word.

Fast forward a year or so, we had started a book club. We're both big readers and neither of us had been in a book club before. We initially had started it as a part of the other group we met through, but we eventually moved it over to our own space. We started with 6 girls at our first book club. Our next one? 12. Our new group of friends wanted to do more than just book club - like brunch! So we decided well, sure! We can do a book club and a brunch club! We can check out a bunch of different brunch places in Austin!  We started going out as a group, planning game nights, girls nights in and other fun activities we could do together.  Our name, started as Books, Babes, Brunch, Booze & Boobs (yeah we think we're hilarious). But with so many B's and our group quickly growing we knew we needed to come up with something different, something easier for everyone to refer to a group as. But even more so, our group had grown from just 25 women to over 100 women in a really short period of time.  On top of our little group growing, our new friends, wanted us to do more. They wanted a place to refer women to, other people were asking us about what we were doing and our members asked us how they could financially contribute to the growth - and how we should make our group into a business.

So we grabbed a few bottles of wine and got to brainstorming what we could call our little group.

And our brainstorming session lasted well into the night, and powered through multiple bottles of wine... We knew our name needed to mean something, and it also needed to give us the opportunity to potentially grow to other areas. Because as we started talking about what we were doing, we began to get contacted by other women, in other states, asking for similar groups so they too could make new friends.

We landed on The B Hive Apiary.  The B standing for books, brunch, babes, boobs, booze, and business (the business got added later!), and the hive represents what a bee hive does - it's a living, breathing community of bees all working together to pollinate, make honey and support each other.   After we realized how much this type of community was needed, not just in Austin, we added the Apiary. Because an Apiary is a collection of hives.   We love our concept of bees - as we're always buzzing around, making new friends and keeping our calendars full - there's always something to do with The B Hive Apiary - whether it be in person, or online.

So this whole big story, about how we got our name and what it stands for leads us to what we do, why we're here and how you, can be a part of the Hive! 

You'll have to read on next week! Part 2 of our story will go live next week! 


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