Did you know that Austin has some pretty bad-ass hiking spots around the city?





We started hiking with The B Hive a few months ago and we picked a few of our favorites to share with you! We cannot comment if we went to get margaritas and tacos afterwards or not. Ok we can, we totally did. #defeatsthepurposeofgettingfit


The GreenBelt: Twin Falls/Sculpture Falls 


Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail, Austin, TX 78746


This is B Hive Co-founder Angela's favorite hike in Austin. Especially when there is water in the falls. When we went this year it was all dried out! It's been a brutally hot summer this year ya'll.  We hiked all the way to what is locally known as The Bench. We always recommend bringing walking shoes and your pup! 





Emma Long Park/ Turkey Creek Trail


1401-1711 City Park Road Austin, TX 78730























This is a scenic hike that is in West Central Austin and great to go with a group! This is another dog friendly, off leash hike! So bring your pooch!


Hamilton Pool


24300 Hamilton Pool Road Dripping Springs, TX 78620



Well worth the drive! Hamilton Pool opens up reservations in March and typically sell out within a week. We booked two reservations for 2018 and we're SO glad we did! Another perk (and a highly recommended add on to your trip to the Pool) is to check out one of the breweries located out that way. Jester King is a popular spot, but just down the road from the entrance to Hamilton Pool is the Family Business Brewery! Bully for us, no Jenson Ackles spotting when we stopped in for a brew.


Walnut Creek 


12138 North Lamar Boulevard Austin, TX 78753



If you like to bike this is a great spot to do so, more open and less woodsy than some of our other hikes, we had a large, pet friendly group of girls for this hike!  We will definitely be back for a hike at Walnut Creek!


Where are we headed next? We've got a short day trip planned for Enchanted Rock State Park, McKinney Falls State Park, and Brushy Creek Trail!


Do you have a spot you think we should check out for a hike? Drop it in the comments! Want to come along with us? Join The B Hive! Our hikes are for our members only! 






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