So last week, you got to learn about why we're called The B Hive Apiary, and how we started The B Hive Apiary!  This week we want to talk about what The B Hive is, how we're growing and what our plans are for the future!

When we started The B Hive, we were literally just a book and brunch club. But we've grown to so much more and we've zeroed in on the specific problems and obstacles that women have when making real friends offline.

The B Hive Apiary is a women's community headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our focus is on building real, authentic friendships amongst women! Our community is intentional, authentic and filled with women committed to making new friends.

What we're all about...

Our first priority is to build an authentic community of women who are seeking real friendships with other women. It's our cornerstone. Whether those friendships are from a social perspective, a career perspective, or a business perspective. We want to connect women, in real life, and help them find meaningful relationships.  Because what we've learned is that joining a bunch of groups on social media doesn't necessarily mean you'll have great friends you can turn to in person.

We also want to make it really easy for women in our community to connect with each other in person without having to suffer the let down of dealing with flakes. Flakiness is a huge problem in Austin - there are a million things to do and everyone "commits" to everything. When you're hosting get togethers on your own and no one shows up, it can be discouraging! We want to eliminate that feeling and take on the burden of planning events. So our calendar is chock full of fun activities and events! From hiking to dinner parties to brunch and book club. We've got events for everyone!

We pay special attention to making sure everyone feels welcome. We know how challenging it can be to walk into a meetup and not know anyone, and have to insert yourself into what sometimes can feel like an already established friend group.  We keep our event attendance capped, so you'll never be in a group larger than 15 women. We do this because we understand the difficulty of being in a large group of women. We know, for women who are shy, it can be much easier to be a part of significantly smaller group. We also know, that we're able to have more real, authentic conversations when you're not trying to compete with 50 other women.

We want to help our members grow. We're both certified coaches, with our own focuses, but together - we're a power house. Not only do we give women the opportunity to make friendships with each other, but we also provide the opportunity to grow as individuals. In 2017 we launched The B Hive Academy, our business & career focused hive. Through online workshops, group coaching & masterminding, workbooks and in person seminars - we're helping women grow their relationships everywhere - in their personal lives, their careers and in their business.  Sometimes our B Hive Academy focused events seep over to social hive, but it's always for a good reason!

What we're working on...

We're going to continue to work towards solving the problems in making new friends. Whether it be not finding friends who share the same hobbies as you (Members be sure to join our Slack Channel - we're solving this problem NOW!), or strategies to deal with flakes or finding someone who lives near you - were working to make big strides on fixing these things. We don't believe that swiping right will help you make a friend - we believe connecting with someone based on shared interests will.

An app! We're working towards building an app that will allow us to solve many of the problems our members have told us they face when making new friends! Not only will an app allow for easy access to everything B Hive - but also will allow us to strategize expanding to new cities.

New Hives, New Cities.  Yes, we 100% plan on expanding - so ladies in other states - don't fret! It's actively being worked on! We're testing some local strategies to ensure that we can expand to cities the way that operate business in Austin. It's a large, expensive venture - so be patient with us! Just know, it's coming - and hopefully will coincide with our app release!

We'll continue to grow our Austin Hive! More women means more opportunities for you to make new friends. We'll continue to help foster those relationships through our events, blog posts, our upcoming podcast and more!

We'll also be launching more ways for our members to get involved in our events, our community and our expansion to new cities. We'll be doing this through an ambassador program, affiliate programing and other ways to get you involved! If you're interested in learning more - even if you're in a different city, contact us!


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