The B Hive is an amazing support system for women in almost all areas of their lives but the best part of this circle of women is how we kill it at GIRLS NIGHT OUT! So we're giving you the 4-1-1 on how we get down with ladies night! There are tons of options in Austin to check out and we're giving you our favorites that are guaranteed a fun night out!

Before we head anywhere, we always choose a pre-game place to meet up. Everyone brings a drink, one of our favorites is a tasty wine in a can (a few of our favorites are Underwood, Barefoot, and Infinite Monkey- an Austin local!). We're a financially savvy group - pregaming lets us ride share together downtown - we can split the ride AND avoid a DUI!  Our favorite is Ride Austin, they are local and you can donate a part of your ride to your favorite non-profit! 

Austin has a bit of everything for everyone! Whether it be hipsters, clubbers, music lovers or Austin Tourist Experience - we're covering the different spots in each hood for a great GNO!

If you're looking for a hipster vibe, Head to the EAST SIDE!

We always start at Stay Gold (named from the movie The Outsiders). Stay gold has jazzy vibe, a live band, cute bartenders and my favorite drink “Freedom 76”. It’s a great way to start the night. They have a great outdoor patio and a sleek inside area where the band plays. We love Stay Gold for the indoor/outdoor options and did I mention the “Freedom 76”?

Once you're feeling good, head over to Whislers. Whislers has some eery decor (chairs made of straight jackets anyone?) and an awesome playlist. There's even a Mezcal Bar upstairs! Grab some of your favorite Tequila and grab a spot outside with the ladies! . You will totally bump into a cutie with a beard at this bar!

It is our belief that A GNO is not an official Girls Night Out until your feet hurt from shaking it on the dance floor! Head over to Volstead/Hotel Vegas (the two bars are connected with a HUGE outdoor patio) and shake your ass! Be prepared to be sweaty, have a freakin blast and wait in line to get inside from the patio (they only let a certain amount of people in at a time!)  You will get down to everything from Old School Hip Hop to the latest Trap music! 

Looking for something a little more upscale? Head to WEST SIXTH

Dogwood is our first stop for your a round of cocktails. It’s a huge bar with dance floors inside and out. But outside is always where its at. The drinks are good, there are fans blowing and you can't go wrong with music (or cute guys lining up at the bar!) 

Green Light Social is a great spot for drinks and getting yourself ready to dance the night away.  GLS is definitely an upscale rooftop bar. They have a small dance floor, and is always packed. Whether you're grabbing a drink at the outdoor bar or inside at the large bar - you're bound to have a blast here! 

We're not going to lie we love The Ranch. It is one of our favorite places to go if we want to dance till dawn. We have a few tips. There is a line, but it goes by fast so don’t tip the bouncer to skip the line. There are two levels, the first level has the bigger bar, the second level has the bigger dance floor. Last but not least, do NOT go in before midnight. I repeat, do NOT go in before midnight. The crowd picks up around midnight so arriving before then its bound to be empty. 

If you want a true Austin experience, head over to DIRTY SIXTH.

In all honesty, for a really FUN Girls Night Out, take a few shots during pre-game before y'all head to Dirty Sixth, you will need it! Dirty Sixth is crowded and a huge tourist spot but fun! Want FREE drinks? Wander Dirty 6th and there's a great chance that you'll get lured into random bars with bottles of champagne and shots! Take advantage of this, especially if it's going to be one of those wild GNO nights! You can't skip Jackalope! They are famous for The Heldarado and let's just say the whole crew can share this drink. Also, be sure to take a photo on top of the Huge Jackalope for the full experience!

When everyone has gotten their fill of The Heldarado walk over to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar and sing along to some classics, have a few drinks and get in the mood to DANCE. This is a fun experience that every GNO night needs. There's a cover so be ready to have some cash on hand! 

Barbarellas is a fantastic spot off Dirty to dance, grab a cheap cocktail and listen to some great music. A few tips: there is a cover charge after midnight, Friday's are 80’s night and Saturday's are Indie night and outside they play hip hop alllll night. Keep an eye on all your friends on Dirty! It's easy to get lost! 

Want chill but still want to dance? Head to RAINEY STREET.

Clive Bar is a fun spot to start, its chill and the drinks are good. The best part of Rainy are all of the backyards. Clive's doesn't disappoint, there is a small stage with a band playing live music, picnic tables to hang out and socialized, it literally feels like you are in someone's backyard, enjoying a drink, and listening to live music.

An Austin Staple: Container Bar and we totally recommend checking it out if you've never been.  There will be a line but it goes by quickly. The bar is made completely of shipping containers! They have a couple DJs, yard games and a food truck! 

Icenhauer's is THE place to end up for dancing on Rainey. Grab a drink, head to the backyard and dance or chill around the fire pit! I promise you will enjoy their signature cocktails with cute girl names (the Aundrea, the Britney, the Emily)! 

Live up North? Hit up THE DOMAIN!

Can we give you Dogwood twice?! Dogwood up in the Domain has a great bar upstairs and is a fun spot to start off. There's always a good crowd at Dogwood whether you're on West Sixth or at the Domain! It's slightly more chill but still has a great upbeat vibe.

Once you've had a couple cocktails at Dogwood, head across the street to really get the night jumping at Kung Fu Saloon. There's always great music, tons of people and if you're feeling playful - of course you can start a friendly competition with the group of guys at the bar with some Skeeball or Pacman!  Your night of dancing will for sure start here - the music is just too fun!

Once you've had your fill of the arcade - head back across the street and head upstairs to Rose Room and get ready for a real nightclub in Austin (Because let us tell you something - there aren't many!). If you're girls are dressed the 9s, you DEFINITELY have to go to Rose Room. It's more of a club scene, with music that goes with that vibe. Be prepared to be back to back with a whole lot of people grooving to the music!


Do you have some other hot spots for GNO? Share them with us in the comments! Did we miss your favorite spot?!

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