2016-01-16-13-50-43Meet Shveta! Shveta is one of our newer B Hive Members and we're so excited to welcome her as a part of the Hive! We put out a call to action to our members recently, asking if any of our super awesome #GirlBosses wanted to share their hard work, their businesses and their accomplishments with us and our members! Can I tell you how awesome these ladies are!? We had a TON of ladies respond to our call! Shveta is one of them! She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach! And she has her own Health Coaching Business: NourishLiveBe.com.

Not only is she ROCKIN' it as a Health Coach, but she's also offering our B Hive Members a SPECIAL discount! If you're interested in working with Shveta, please head on over to our Member Discounts & Offers Page to learn more about the special discount she's offering!

Do you frequently feel disconnected from your body, and go about your day like a robot – wake up, stumble to the kitchen for coffee, check your email on your phone to face a sudden rush of anger/frustration after reading the 100 emails that came in just this morning, get ready and run out the door, face the dreadful rush hour traffic to head to your miserable J-O-B, spend hours in meetings, skip lunch, but drink more coffee, count the minutes 'till you get off work, go to happy hour and drink your sorrows away, head home, open your pantry and eat everything, watch TV, fall asleep with the lights on… repeat?

We’ve all been there.

Shoot, I was right there too a little over 3 years ago. It IS possible to break the vicious cycle of what we know as normal life. We don’t have to go through each day like a robot. Sometimes it takes divine intervention to break the cycle. Indeed, the intervention necessary for my life was divine.

In a nutshell, in 2013, I was let go from my job at a toxic work environment which had consumed my life for 7 years and gotten in the way of my having a successful relationship with a future partner, my family, and my friends.

Having some new free time on my hands allowed me to pursue my passion of starting a pastry business. With the desire to continue on the path of entrepreneurial enlightenment, I formed a healthcare consulting company with a colleague that I quickly had to dissolve due to joining a consulting firm as an employee (it still blows my mind that I incorporated my consulting company one day, and was recruited for full-time employment the very next day).

I finally had a rewarding career that wasn't also consuming my entire life. I was sharing my talents and expertise where they were needed most, and my professional life was flourishing.

It was then time to bring my health into alignment with my career.

In March of 2015, I felt an urge to dig deeper into the cause for chronic GI issues (bloating, gas, pain) anytime I ate or drank ANYTHING! It was miserable. Imagine drinking a glass of water and bloating instantly! Yup, that was me. I looked 3 months pregnant and for no good reason at all.

Trust me, I wasn't pregnant!

I worked with a Holistic Health Coach and figured out what nourished me, what caused irritation and discomfort, and through the process, I also discovered the importance of self-love and acceptance. My entire relationship with food changed. Looking back, I didn't have a relationship with food prior to this discovery process. Eating because I chose to eat what my body actually wanted and needed was such a novel concept to me. But, I incorporated this mentality into my daily lifestyle and feel so much better inside and out because of it!

A few months later, I knew I was meant to do something more in line with taking a holistic approach to achieving overall wellness. I knew what I could eat that wouldn't make me feel cruddy, and the time was ripe for another layer of discovery to be able to help others ailing with similar issues. It took me hearing about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's program 3 times before it hit me that I should take the plunge and join.

Coursework began early September 2015, and subsequently, I was laid off from my healthcare consulting job. What could have been a devastating situation turned out to align perfectly with my desire to learn more about non-traditional healthcare and alternative approaches to wellness. It's all about timing, friends! Divine timing, at that.

Here we are one year later, and I've completed my year at IIN! I can't believe it! It's been quite a journey; one I would gladly embark on once again.

Right now, you must be thinking that this gal has gone on and on about her life. Why? Why did I have you take the time to read my abridged life story? Because, you, along with so many others, have experienced toxic work environments, toxic eating habits, toxic relationships, and many other reasons for general discomfort.

At our core, we are what we eat. And, if you eat and feel miserable every time, most likely you'll 1) avoid eating, like I did, to avoid the consequences or 2) not nourish yourself the way you deserve to be nourished because you don't know where to start.

I can help you discover how to nourish yourself, not only in the traditional way we all think of sustenance - FOOD - but, we'll also put a magnifying glass on other aspects of your life that "feed" your soul.

You can do it. Life is a learning opportunity, and all we can do is aspire to be the best we can be. Let me help you live a nourishing life where you can BE you.

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