Ok, so not going to lie - we REALLY loved Cafe Josie. And it will absolutely be on our list for another brunch this year because it was just that good.

Cafe Josie is quaint and tucked away off of West 6th street and is a great spot for a brunch with friends, a dinner date or just a delish meal in Austin!

Our favorite thing about the Cafe Josie Brunch? It's tapas style. Oh yes, you heard that right! Small plates! When we walked in (all 8 of us!) we looked at the menu and we immediately though oh man, this is a lot of food! And we want it all!  But our great waitress let us know, that it was all tasting portions and they would bring out everything on the menu for us to try! We could get more of whatever we wanted if we still had room (we absolutely did not have more room).

Some of our favorites off of the brunch menu (and we're terrible, we didn't take pictures because it was all so delicious we just went straight to work):

The Brussel Sprouts were to die for! There are a few great spots in Austin with amazing brussel sprouts. Cafe Josie should absolutely be included on the list of best brussel sprouts in Austin.

The Tater Tot Casserole was another crowd pleaser and everyone really enjoyed the surprising spiciness of this one! It was definitely elevated for a casserole!

The menu was a mix of so many different styles of food - we also loved the Korean Fried Chicken with rice. A little bit of asian food, some southern classics and of course breakfast staples - something for everyone!

To finish off our brunch with something sweet we were fans of the Banana Bread and Banana Pudding!

We highly recommend Cafe Josie for brunch (and we're pretty stoked to try it out for Dinner too!)

You can view more details about the Brunch at Cafe Josie on their website: https://www.cafejosie.com/


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