Did you know, that in 2012 "parents, acting alone or with another parent, were responsible for 80% of child abuse or neglect fatalities" (SAFE Austin).

Child abuse does not just impact a child in the short term, but in the very long term. But often, it also affects those around the child - siblings, parents, teachers, grandparents, other relatives.  Child abuse can lead to alcohol and substance abuse, abusive behavior and criminal behavior.

SAFE Austin, is an alliance of SAFEPlace and The Austin Children's Shelter - helping survivors of domestic abuse, through prevention, intervention and post care.  When we selected a charity for our first quarter, we wanted to pick something that truly has an impact on our community. And SAFE does just that.

For the holidays, we wanted to do something very special for the families who are supported by SAFE!

We all have that favorite toy we clung to as a child, it provided comfort in times of sorrow and fear, but also in times of crisis. We want to be able to give that small bit of comfort to the children supported by SAFE through a Teddy Bear Drive!

We will be collecting teddy bears all throughout the month of December!  If you would like to donate a teddy bear you can drop off teddy bears at the Austin Roller Rink @ 11600 Manchaca Road, Austin, Texas 78748.

If you are not able to drop off at the Austin Roller Rink but would still like to send in a Teddy Bear, please contact us and we will send you an address to ship to!  You can also bring a teddy bear to any of our December Events.


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