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Our Mission with The B Hive Apiary is to help women build real, authentic friendships with other women. One of the things we do regularly, is conduct research on how women struggle to make friends. We then take this research and work towards building solutions to solve these problems! 

One of the things our members have told us regularly is a problem with making new friends is finding other women with common interests.  Ultimately our B Hive App will have an integrated solution to this problem, but as we are working towards building the app - we wanted to give women in our membership an alternate solution! 

We are going to ask you to download another application (many of you already use it for work so it's an easy ask!) to help you connect with women who share your interests, age groups, locations, and other categories! But our B Hive Apiary Slack Channel is now open to all B Hive Apiary Members! 

Create your Slack account here: 


Once you've created your Slack account you can join one of our 50+ channels with specific categories! These are chat groups that will allow you to connect with other women who are interested in that particular topic or fall into that particular category. 

Join as many or as few groups as you'd like and start connecting! Below is a list of all of our channels. If you see one missing, please let us know and we can create it! 

In a super active group and don't want all the notifications? Just mute the channel, that way you can still pop in and see what's going on. 

Age Group Channels







Location Channels






Interests Channels



































You'll also be automatically added to the official B Hive Apiary channel - this is a great place for you to check B Hive Announcements, post tickets or events, or connect with the group as a whole.  We will not be allowing promotion of your businesses in the Slack Channel - if you promote, we'll immediately delete the post.  If you are hosting an event where you are selling something you can contact either Angela (@angelamelpolder) or Erica (@ericasoul17)  and we can either approve it or let you know where you can share it.

If you are looking for business/career support, please join our Facebook Group - The Business Hive Academy (linked on our facebook page and in our Facebook group). 



Group Rules
In order to establish an authentic and accountable group, we have implemented the following rules. If you do not follow the rules, you will be warned, and if repeat offenses occur you will be removed from the group.
Rule#1 : You must be registered on our website. If you have not already register - please head to to register.
Rule #2: We are inclusive to all women and those who identify as women, no matter your background, age, interests, sexual orientation or relationship status.
Rule #3: Female entrepreneurs and business owners, or those selling products or services are allowed to post on dedicated threads, typically on Wednesdays. Promoting your business or services must be on these threads only unless with explicit permission from Erica and Angela.
Rule #4: Bullying, discrimination, intolerance or other poor behavior will not be tolerated. If you feel uncomfortable with someone please contact us directly. We reserve the right to remove those who we deem are disrespectful or bullies.
Rule #5: We do not tolerate flakiness. We have a no-call, no-show list for those who have RSVPd for an event and have flaked. You will receive three strikes. Once you’ve hit three, you will not be allowed to register for B Hive Events for three months. If you cannot make the event, please contact us to let us know or find someone else to take your ticket.
Rule #6: We are not responsible for funds exchanged outside of our official events. In the instance that you exchange funds with another women within the group and things go awry, you are solely responsible. We ask that you bring it to our attention so we can remove this person, but we cannot get involved with getting your money back.
Rule #7: Event Fees are non refundable unless otherwise indicated. These fees are implemented to hold attendees accountable for their attendance. Fees for Members Only Events held at a member’s house will be reimbursed to the hostess, to compensate her for opening her home. If you cannot make it, you will not receive a refund - you must find someone to take your ticket.
Rule #8: We reserve the right to remove posts/members who we feel are breaking any of the rules listed above. We will attempt to notify prior to removal. In Search Of or Seeking Recommendation posts will be removed and moved to the ISO thread that is pinned to the group.
We have created this group as a way to build authentic friendships, while we do our best to hold women accountable for attending our events, we cannot guarantee that if you make plans with a woman outside of our official events they will attend. We highly encourage all women in this group to stay true to their word or at least use common courtesy in communicating to your potential new friends whether or not you will be able to commit to your plans.
We also encourage you to be thoughtful when you RSVP for our events. They sell out very quickly. If you are not sure if you can attend or not, please do not take that opportunity away from another woman in the group. We have implemented a waitlist to our events to encourage updating RSVPs for events.
If you have any questions at all please reach out to Erica or Angela.

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