Erica and I were chatting the other day and we it dawned on us....that we started our book club (and very shortly after, The B Hive) one year ago in November! ONE YEAR! We honestly have been so busy helping women build relationships with other women, creating events to help raise money for SAFE Austin and turning The B Hive into a business, that we completely missed the anniversary date!  When we thought about it, we were sad that we didn't realize sooner because we would have planned a big ole party to celebrate - but we also realized that all the stuff that we've been doing to build up The B Hive and the community we've created is far more important than a one year anniversary party!  However...if ya'll know us. We can't say no to a party! So we're still celebrating!

To be honest, Erica and I have learned SO much over the last year. From building a community, realizing that we are doing WAY better than we ever though we could and turning something we are so passionate about into a business. We've made mistakes, we've tried a bunch of different things - some that worked, others that failed miserably, and we've still kept the excitement going. And we're even more excited about what is to come in 2017.  We also cannot wait to add more women to our community, give support to more organizations in Austin and to help support more women in whatever they choose to do!

But back to our roots...our book club roots!

Even though we're making it a party for our next book club - we of course are still reading a book for November! And picking a new book for December!  If you haven't attended one of our book club meetings, we like to operate in a way that allows for everyone to have a say! We don't want to be book club dictators....So our location, our date and our book choices change every month based on who attends our book club. Don't like the book we're reading? Join us at a book club so we can pick the book you've been dying to read! We're also not uber strict either, we're all busy women. We're working, volunteering, have kids, and just in general are busy! We know that you can't always read the whole book - or read it at all! We don't mind if you haven't read the book, we also don't mind if you want to come just to hang out and make new friends!

What book are we reading for November you ask?

We've been on a real history kick lately so this time we're mixing it up. Erica has been wanting to read One by Richard Bach for sometime!


Synopsis (via GoodReads):

Under the spell of quantum physics, Bach and his wife Leslie are catapulted into an alternate world, one in which they exist simultaneously in many different incarnations. First they encounter themselves as they were 16 years ago on the day they first met. In this version of their lives, they do not marry, and never achieve the happiness Bach assures us that their real union has produced. Bach once again displays an inventive imagination and inspirational zeal that will have readers examining their own lives.

When is this Super Fabulous Book Club & One Year Anniversary Party!?

Our awesome B Hive Member Laura is going to be hosting this month's book club & anniversary party!

Date: Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Time: 7:30pm

Location: To be emailed one week prior to event.


As always, bring some wine (we'll have some bubbly to celebrate) or snacks if you'd like! Always RSVP, as it is out of respect for our hostess to have accurate numbers. Please be sure to update us if you cannot make it! You can change your RSVP by emailing


Can't wait to see you all and celebrate!


Book Club & 1 YR Anniversary Party!
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