In the 4 plus years we've been building this amazing community of women, it was always our dream and vision to bring The B Hive to more women than just those here in Austin, Texas.  As we fine-tuned our events and business here in Austin, we started working towards how to replicate the success we've had here in Austin in other cities.

Let us tell you something - it is not easy.  We really struggled - because we wanted to maintain the authenticity and avoid the issues we saw in other groups that expanded to other cities. We wanted to make sure we maintained our high quality events, our welcoming and inclusive environment and that safe space for women to be vulnerable without fear of judgement.  It's why it's taken us so long to expand to other cities despite the regular requests from women all across the country.

But we've finally decided to make the leap! And we're expanding!  While you've probably noticed on our social media accounts - we're heading to Chicago AND Seattle this year!  And we CANNOT wait!

We've had a few folks ask us, why did we select these cities and not others?  It was definitely not an easy choice! There were so many cities we had requests for but ultimately we looked at our current network of women we know in these cities and also the relative growth rates in those cities.

Seattle is quickly growing and adding approximately 57 new people every day.  With numbers like that - we couldn't ignore Seattle. Plus as a city with so many cool things to do and see - we knew that we could build a fun and connected community of women there.

We're super excited to be starting out in Seattle. We've opened our membership to Seattle women already and have seen an uptick in membership in that area! If you're in Seattle and looking for a new hive of women to call your friends - look no further than The B Hive Apiary! We've luckily already found some amazing women who will be running our Seattle Hive and are stoked to get events on the calendar!  You'll be able to view all of our events on our Events Calendar as well as on our Facebook Page or Seattle Facebook group!

As always - if youre a member in Seattle and want to plan an event with the ladies - you're encouraged to! Just reach out to our Admins for permission to post!

We weren't joking when we'll be taking the world by storm.  Our plans for 2020? We're thinking 4 new cities...Who's in Denver, Dallas, Nashville or Los Angeles? Got a city you think we should be in? Drop it in the comments!


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