The B.F.F Program

Bold Female Friendships



A Group Coaching Program for women seeking

to build relationships in all areas of their life. 

Are you ready to be your own B.F.F?

We're looking for women committed to being their own best friend and growing in their lives. Whether it be in their relationships, their career or their business.


The Why 

Fortune favors the bold. And having Bold Female Friendships is a powerful tool in the toolbelt of your life.

We are the experts in friendship. And we fully believe that every woman needs two different types of best friends.   You absolutely need to be your own best friend and you most certainly need a group of Bold Female Friends to rally around you during your time of need or celebration. 

We know how challenging it can be to make new friends, to keep long-established friends, to build community, and to balance your personal life and your career.  We also know it is much easier to have a solid support system. Because you really don't need to go at it alone. 

As coaches, and friendship experts, we support women in building their relationships with themselves and all aspects of their lives; from money to romance to business and healthy living. No matter what area of your life, we're here to support you in growing that friendship. 


The What

Monthly Themes and Workbooks

We select a theme for each month to focus on, ranging from romance to money to self-care. Every participant receives a workbook that coincides with the month's theme to discuss during that month's sessions. 

Two video calls per month

We meet over Zoom, twice a month, to discuss the theme of the month, review the workbook and celebrate our wins. Make a 6 month commitment and you'll receive two makeup calls for missed sessions.  

Dedicated Slack channel

Need support but the next call is a week away? Our dedicated Slack channel is available to our members to ask questions, take advantage of coaching advice, and connect with other women in the program. 

Access to Recorded Webinars and e-courses

Members of the program will get access to some of our webinars and e-courses for free as they become available to The B Hive Apiary Community.  Those that are not free, will be discounted for members. 

Who this program is for...

We're looking for women who are committed to being their own best friend and growing in their lives. Whether it be in their relationships, their career or their business - we cover it all.  

We're looking for women who are passionate about growth and development. Women who are looking for  support, accountability, and a Hive of other women to celebrate their success with. 

Women who are seeking both coaching and community are the perfect fit for this program, especially if you are looking for support in more than one area of your life. 


6 month commitment 

Change your life in 6 months. 

Our program is highly focused and at an unbelievable price.  For just $199 per month for 6 months you will see results.   

Feel like the work isn't working for you? We offer a 30 day cancellation policy with no penalties. 

Are you totally ready for the work and want an even lower price? Pay for the full six months and get a discount!  We're offering a "paid in full" price of only $997.  

 We'll be limiting this cohort to just 12 women - so get your application in and get ready to be your own BFF! 

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