THe Prosperous Woman

Claim the life you deserve



A Group Coaching Program for women seeking

to gain confidence, claim their worth and accomplish their goals. 

Are you ready to own the world?

We're looking for women who are seeking to gain confidence in all areas of their life. From your relationships to your career to your finances. If you're ready to own your life, claim what you deserve and take your confidence to new levels, The Prosperous Woman is the program for you! 


The Why 

We've learned a lot over the last few years, but our biggest lesson was that we absolutely deserve the best in our lives. 

As a result of the work in this program, we've both found our paths in our careers, our finances and in relationships (both romantic and platonic). We're clear on what we want, our standards and are able to set goals and accomplish them. 

But we're not the only ones we've seen grow in confidence and start kicking ass and taking names. Our clients have also progressed to buy homes, have babies, find new jobs and take their life by the horns and start owning every step. It's not only exciting to watch but truly inspiring. 

But beyond the work that this program offers, we have soul led mission to make this program accessible and affordable to everyone. We don't charge a five figure amount to get into an 8 week program. Instead, this incredibly valuable program is priced at $399.  

For us, the work and the impact is about changing lives. And we know that those who might not be able to afford a high dollar program, will reap the most rewards from this work. 


The What

Weekly Workbooks

Each week the members of this program will receive a new workbook to help guide them to a new breakthrough and a new level of confidence. 

Two video calls per month

We meet over Zoom, twice a month, to discuss the theme of the month, review the workbook and celebrate our wins. These freeform sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions and get group support.  

Dedicated Slack channel

Need support but the next call is a week away? Our dedicated Slack channel is available to our members to ask questions, take advantage of coaching advice, and connect with other women in the program. 

Who this program is for...

We're looking for women who are committed to growing their confidence and claiming their worth. Whether it be in their relationships, their career or their business - we cover it all.  

We're looking for women who are passionate about growth and development. Women who are looking for  support, accountability, and a Hive of other women to celebrate their success with. 

Women who are seeking both coaching and community are the perfect fit for this program, especially if you are looking for support in more than one area of your life. 


8 week commitment 

Change your life in 8 weeks...

Our program is highly focused and at an unbelievable price.  For just $399 in only 8 weeks you will see results.  

 We'll be limiting this cohort to just 12 women - and our first cohort will begin in February 2021. 

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