Raise your hand if you set Resolutions each year and get about 30 days in and get so off track that you forgot what your resolutions are.

How about those of you who don't even set resolutions because the thought of accomplishing big lofty goals overwhelms and terrifies you?

We. So. Get. It.

That really was us at one point.  *Cough Cough* Anyone remember The B Hive Swag Shop? Yeah, that was one overwhelming and lofty goal that we started and promptly stopped.

But as we've grown, not only as women - but as business owners and career professionals we had to figure out a really solid way to create lasting impact, accomplish our goals without feeling totally overwhelmed. Because let's face it, it's really fricken hard to balance a career, a personal life, staying healthy, a business and trying to have like a little bit of fun here and there - not to mention keeping up with the laundry.

When we thought about how we can replicate what we do in our own lives in our coaching program we knew that we could create a digestible strategy that doesn't overwhelm our most stressed clients. And we came up with the 90 Day Impact Plan.

We learned that many of our clients create amazing goals. Goals that would make anyone sit back and say DAYUM! That girl is rocking life in all areas! But when it comes to executing they land in a place of "OMG There are so many things that I need to do for this goal that I don't know where to start and I'm just going to do this tomorrow."  And then tomorrow becomes next week, and next week becomes next year and then next year becomes not at all. And they're sitting in the same place they were when they started.

So what is our 90 Day Impact Plan? It's a thoughtful and intentional way of setting goals and getting to the next step. It's breaking it down, step by step, week by week and day by day. So before you know it, your goal is complete and you're setting a new one, a bigger one, in just 90 days.

Because yes, you CAN set goals and accomplish them in 90 days (not all, mind you) but many.

And so now you're sitting here like - yeah ok ladies, great you created this plan and it's helped people but this blog is all about that and doesn't give me any value. It doesn't help me any other than making me want to buy your $2.99 workbook.

To get you started in the new year with realistic, intentional and accomplishable goals we want you to sit down and dig deep into the things you're really hoping to achieve. Because setting goals that you are powerfully and intensely connected to is going to make achieving them ten times easier it's going to give you the driving force of motivation, intention, and purpose. All vital to achieving everything you want to.

So how do you set powerful, intentional goals you can achieve?

  • Start with a list of everything you wish, hope and dream to accomplish in the next year. This should be a "wildest dreams" kind of list.
  • Take that list and find the common denominator.  Are three of your items on your list focused on living healthier? or gathering more income? Find the things that are common and start a new list with those common items.
  • With the common denominators - find the one that resonates with you the most. Find the one that you're most driven to succeed. This is the basis for your intentional goal for the next 90 days or the next year.
  • With your core goal, the one you're most driven to succeed, build everything around that. And then break it down. Ask yourself - What do I need to do next to accomplish this goal?

If you are looking at this list and thinking - I have no idea where to start, or I need help. Submit an application for our B.F.F Coaching Program. We can walk you through digging deeper into your driving motivation, your ultimate goals and then breaking them down into consumable actions.  Or start with our Setting Intentions: The 90 Day Impact Plan workbook!

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