I'm going to apologize for the beginning of this blog post. It may sound more like a rant than anything else, but I have to be transparent, I see so many people searching for love, joy and financial abundance. What I don’t see A LOT of people doing, is spreading love, joy and financial abundance. Many of you may have gotten triggered... in you’re head you just said, "Erica I’m always putting up positive posts on Facebook and helping a friend in need!" Here’s the hard pill to swallow, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, to really attract love, joy and financial abundance. You need to have a love, joy and money mindset!

Here are the signs that you are living in the fear and scarcity mindset.

1. You worry that if you do something kind for someone, that they will take advantage of you.
2. You calculate your happiness by what you have accomplished, what you have, or how much money you have in the bank.
3. You only love someone once you are positive they love you.
4. You think once I’m richer, skinnier, prettier, travel more, my business is successful then I’ll be happy.
5. In a relationship, you are constantly looking for validation that person loves you. You are also always looking for signs they don’t love you.
6. You are comparing yourself, your relationship, your business to other people.
7. If you are single, you feel like you never will meet the one.
8. If you make FREE or cheap decisions over investment and quality.
9. If you use words like broke, never going to happen, I can’t.
10. If you think you need MORE of anything to do what you love or attract love. More money, education, certificates, success and then I will find love and happiness.

Does any of this sound familiar? This list might sound harsh, but it is also the story we tell ourselves that keeps us from truly living to our full potential.

How do you change this mindset? With 5 small actions.

1. Gratitude for everything you have and everything still to come. You can keep a gratitude journal, speak your daily gratitude out loud for 2 minutes, or start a daily gratitude calendar.
2. When things don’t go the way you planned. Say this affirmation; If not this, than something better.
3. Create Standards for the life you are attracting. Looking for a dream job? Write down your standards and stick to them. Attracting a healthy relationship? Write down your standards and stick to them. Starting a new business? Write down your standards and stick to them. Looking a new social circle? Write down your standards and stick to them. This is manifesting.
4. This one is a difficult one, when in a relationship ask yourself first, am I reacting from a place of fear or responding from love? And then ask what are my intentions with this conversation or action? Be clear about your attentions and act from love by doing this you can’t lose.
5. Last but not least invest in yourself and give money away. Invest in coaches, classes, masterminds, books, videos, or podcasts. Give money away to charities, buy from other small businesses, give money to crowdfunding. When you treat money like breathing (you literally can’t inhale until you have exhaled or vice verse). You are practicing the muscle of abundance. Every motive the more you practice deeper inhales and exhales the more space is expanded inside of you? This is how you should treat money!

Can you handle these 5 new habits? Try it for a WEEK and let us know how your life changed.

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