When you first move to Seattle and are looking to make friends you quickly learn about something called "The Seattle Freeze".

If you're located in Seattle you most likely already know of the Seattle Freeze if not it's referring to the reputation of the surface friendly but colder people that reside in the area that makes it impossible to make friendships here. 

As one of the many transplants in this city, it is apparent that it is indeed hard to acquire adult friendships but the kicker...I have lived in four different states including two other large metropolitan cities and adult friendships are hard- period. If you are expecting people to come up to you and BAM friendship we've got some work to do.

it is crucial to acknowledge what is in your control

One of my hardest realities in regard to adult friendship was when we moved to Miami, Florida back in 2013. I didn't know a single person there and had zero friends. It took me longer than I care to admit but I finally realized that if you want relationships in your life it is crucial to acknowledge what is in your control - your actions and how you respond to things. When you find someone you think is cool, go up and say hi. If you are tired of sitting on your couch go to a coffee shop and try to talk to someone.

I have the mentality of Fuck The Freeze, we cannot complain about a sterile environment for friendship if we are not willing to help make the change. 

Myself, I am a pretty big introvert and it takes a lot for me to be vocal and jump into an uncomfortable situation. But I look back on the situations where I have made friends in the past and most were due to me putting myself in a situation that was out of my comfort zone. I urge the women of Seattle to stand up against the Freeze! If everyone says that there is a Freeze and we are all making it impossible to become friends and that means that we are all contributing to the problem.

You may be an extreme introvert and hate attending events with people you do not know and it may be the most uncomfortable experience in your life but if you put yourself out there attend one event you never know who you could meet it could be your long lost best friend that you never knew you were missing.

Part of why The B Hive Apiary has been so successful is because we recognize that meeting new people is hard, uncomfortable and for introverts - a true challenge.  But because we recognize that, we also make a huge effort to ensure that Freezes don't happen at our events! We give you the avenue - the rest is up to you!

So let's shatter the Seattle Freeze and let's do brunch.

Heather is our Seattle City Lead! She's traveled around the world, lived around the country and is a really talented graphic designer! She'll be organizing and working on growing the Seattle Hive!

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