Live Boldly. Wake Up. Build Authentic Relationships.

The B Hive Apiary Podcast is hosted by The B Hive Apiary Co-Founders Angela Melpolder and Erica Vargas. What started as a book club and a way for two women to make real, authentic friends with other women in Austin, grew to a burgeoning community of women across the United States. 

As the experts in building authentic female friendships, Erica and Angela are here to share their knowledge, their best practices in everything friendships.  Both professional coaches covering everything from purpose to relationships to careers and to business - there's so much more to having great friends - but being a great friend. 

To stay true to their roots - Angela & Erica also host an online book club live each week via The B Hive Apiary Facebook Page - they've brought those episodes to the podcast as well. Tune in for their reviews of some of the best and most popular growth and development books out there. 

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