Angela here! I wanted to share a personal story, i think it's very important for women who are within our organization to feel confident in the decisions they make and to not let the often times overbearing expectations of others and our society overrule their own instincts and actions. My journey to business ownership was ultimately never going to happen.

As a kid, I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My parents owned a construction company, my mom was a maker and sold crafts. I was a first hand witness of the struggles that comes along with owning your own business. The low lows and the high highs...but also watching it all crumble when the market collapsed.

By the time I left for college, I was pretty dead set on not owning my own business. I wanted the stability of a regular job, the benefits, the longevity of it all. I didn’t want to wonder where my next meal was going to come from, whether or not i’d ever be able to afford a vacation or purchase a home.

When Erica and I first met, and The B Hive Apiary started taking off and growing at a strong steady pace - I was very resistant to turning it into a business. I did not want to run a business. My career in Human Resources was starting to take off, I was finally making a reasonable salary that afforded me nicer things, a new car and the possibility of purchasing a home. However, The B Hive just kept growing, it kept fueling me in my day to day. It was ultimately became what I was most passionate and excited about. Many conversations about what this could turn into, how we could help more women, how we could make a larger impact on our community was just so prevalent that it just didn’t make sense not to anymore. And so we leaped. Through this journey of starting this business I had the opportunity to look back on my previous jobs - and how they lead me to where I am. I was on the opening staff of not one but two major restaurant openings, I managed the back office of another restaurant, managed 3 small offices for small business owners and have started human resources departments for two.

My skills in building and running businesses was really running through my veins. I took another leap after realizing how many other female business owners and career women were asking me for help. Asking me for guidance on building their own businesses or changing jobs, entering new industries.  I enrolled in a coaching program and received my certification as a Certified Professional & Business Coach. Now I’m navigating that journey to building a business, all on my own. And it’s not easy, The B Hive Apiary and The Business Hive Academy are on auto-pilot, I have a massive support system, I have someone to lean on when I need help. We have a system in place for operating our businesses. My new coaching business is still in the beginning stages and I’m trying to figure it all out.

So why does my journey matter?I didn’t have to pursue owning my own business. I was 100% content and happy with my career trajectory in Human Resources. I still am! It’s why I still have a full time job. I love my day to day work - I learn so much, impact hundreds of people each day with the work I do and I truly love the human resources industry.  I was constantly reminded before I started running The B Hive Apiary and now The Business Hive Academy and my coaching business, Angela Nichole Coaching, that I should WANT to own a business. That working for someone else was awful, miserable and just down right the wrong way to go. I was conflicted - I saw what it looked like to lose so much when you ran your own business. I saw the tumble from the highest point to the lowest. Nothing about that was appealing, but I was made to feel guilty for not wanting to start my own business. I resisted for so long. It took a great deal of convincing, but ultimately it was my personal journey of self reflection to pursue what I love to do.

What you love to do...does not have to be running your own business. My passion just so happened to fall into that category. But guess what - I still get to do what I’m excited and passionate about in my HR job! I get to educate, coach, guide people through the nerve racking days of starting a new job.  If you don’t want to run your own business - that is 100% ok. It’s actually pretty awesome. Because we need career women to help represent us in big industries. We need more voices in the boardroom so we can continue to make changes in industries where we’re not always welcomed.

We need more than just a seat at the table - we need to have our voices heard. Are you a career professional who is seeking help in climbing the corporate ladder? Our Group Coaching program is not just for business owners! In one year, you can transform your career, and your life!

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