With the new year upon us, we talked to a lot of members about what their New Years resolutions were - two common goals popped up: Eat healthier and save money! Erica and I looked at each other and were like - uh what can we do to help our members in these goals for the new year?!

Luckily for us, we have some AMAZING Worker B Members who are killing it in their businesses and love to support this amazing community of Women that is The B Hive Apiary!  Our Worker B Member, Tye Lewis of Tye Cooks Austin came to us with a brilliant idea to help our members hit two birds with one stone!

On January 20th we will be working with Tye and hosting an amazing cooking class! And let us tell you something - we've done cooking classes with Tye before and YOU. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. MISS. IT.

Tye is first and foremost an amazing chef. She's also an educator which is an amazing combination - because teaching you how to cook, sometimes dishes you never thought you'd cook in your life can be hard and sometimes over your head. Tye eliminates that and makes cooking easy, fun and delicious!

She's put together a menu of 3 different low-cost, soups that you can whip up and eat throughout the week. You'll not only have some unique menu items to meal prep but you'll be eating well! These soups are healthy!

You can keep your wallet tight and keep your waistband super loose!

This event will be up in Pflugerville, TX in the evening and makes for an excellent date night! We have a limit of 12 spots for this event! So please grab your tickets ASAP!

Grab your tickets here! 

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