In this installment of Meet My Bestie, we talked to Melanie and April! We love chatting to women about their best friends. We get to hear about how amazing they are and what really works about friendships!

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How did you meet? Melanie:   We met in a drumming group called Batala. April:  We met drumming in an all-chick afro-Brazilian percussion group in Washington DC, Batala, 10 years ago.
How did you know you wanted to be friends? Melanie: I thought she was a bit odd at first but soon anything which seemed odd became charming. One day during rehearsal, I looked over and saw her rocking out in her own world, drumming a soft smile on her lips, eyes closed. We took a walk for a chat and I was hooked. April: I had a Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazine I was reading and Melanie knew them -- I didn't meet many arty chicks who were also into business and entrepreurship. Also, she had good hair and makeup and I needed help on those departments!
What works about your friendship? Melanie: We’ve been friends for more than 9 years, it’s a special bond. We’re both social introverts who need to space and each respects the others boundaries. If she needs “cave time” alone to process things, that’s fine but I will not let her wallow in negativity and vice versa. April: Unconditional love and forgiveness, common interests (food, travel, crafting, meditation, and other stuff) but different strengths and foibles so we can balance each other out. And the fact that we have different tastes in men is useful in playing wingwomen.
What do you ladies work on to sustain your friendship? Melanie: We use social media to keep in touch since we live in different states unfortunately (I’m working on that though!), phone calls, email, FaceTime, and visits. Regular contact is crucial, especially when you’re faraway and can’t get a much needed hug! April: Honesty and communication, which hasn't always been perfect. Melanie retreats when she's upset whereas I want to talk it out. Now that she lives in Texas, we stay very connected through the distance through silly Instagram posts and long random text rants about our days or what's on our mind, with an occasional FaceTime session if we're both feeling pretty 🙂
What is the thing you love most about your BFF? Melanie: April has a light about her, a glow which pulls people in. Her dance moves and fidgety ways! She’s strong but fragile, brilliant and humble with an intense love of life and learning. She is the most honest person I have ever met and truly kind, seeing the best in people. We’re complements: I’m a perfectionist who analyzes every detail and April’s taught me let go, that something can be good enough (just send the email already!), that crying and trusting people is ok, and not to worry about what the world thinks. My Mom, who she reminds me of, always said that friends are the family you choose and I choose April every time. She is the sister of my heart and I love her. April: It's hard to pick one thing, but one of the things I most admire her is that she's a straight-up idea factory. Also I love how much she loves me, possibly more than my mom, and that's saying A LOT.
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