Welcome to our newest blog series!!! B Hive Besties! Each month you'll get a glimpse into the friendships of some off our members! We're really excited to get to know our members and their best friends!

This month we decided to start with US! You'll get a little bit of insight into Angela and I's friendship! Read the interview below!

How did you meet?

Erica: We both happened to be on Rainey Street and met up at The Container Bar! We both agreed it was hard to make friends and decided to make an ACTUAL effort to be friends!

Angela: We met through a different group out on Rainey! We were with other friends/coworkers and were both on a mission to make new friends. I believe we were at Container Bar. And the rest was history!

How did you know you wanted to be friends?

Erica: We literally agreed the first time we met that we would make an effort. We both had experienced failed Meetups and flakey people, so we just made the decision and stuck to it! We eventually started a book club to make more friends.

Angela: We just decided haha! But in reality, we were making a conscious effort to hang out regularly and do stuff together. We were planning other events and decided it would be fun to start a book club because we both like to read. Little did we know it would turn into this!

What works about your friendship?

Erica: We talk about EVERYTHING. We are raw and honest and both care about the friendship. We are both very loyal people. I also think, we admire the other person's strengths and support each others opportunities for growth.

Angela: We're opposites. I'm the more straight laced, rule follower and take a little bit more effort to relate and let loose. Erica is more free spirited and go with the flow. We balance each other out, even though sometimes it can be difficult because although we balance each other out, we also challenge each other.

What do you ladies do to sustain your friendship?

Erica: We both WORK at the relationship. We are both very different and don't always agree but we decide to work at it instead of point fingers and get defensive. We communicate in both healthy and unhealthy ways but in the end always find an agreement through communication. We are both compassionate with each other but also very, very, very honest. I think we both want the best for each other too.

Angela: We actually are really open and honest about stuff. If something is bothering one of us, we speak up. We're also really aware of who each other is as a person and what our expectations are of each other. Good communication is super important for any relationship whether it be a friendship, romantic partnership or family. It doesn't hurt that we have The B Hive to keep us doing fun things around Austin, that we live less than half a mile from each other (35 minute walk to be exact) and copious amounts of wine (me) and whiskey (Erica).

What do you love most about your BFF?

Erica: Angela is super funny. She sends funny memes and is always thinking of something unique to do. She's got a GREAT imagination too. She's always on my side. I appreciate that she is willing to listen to my crazy ideas and support me. She is much taller than me too so she can help reach the stuff on the higher shelves. One last thing, she loves to DANCE!

Angela: Erica is always super great about encouraging me and getting me out of my comfort zone. We have tons of shared interests and actually enjoy spending time with each other (which is not always the case with other friends or relationships)! Even if it just means us watching a tv show or going to a coffee shop and working on The B Hive or The Business Hive Academy. She's always a good listening ear and gives great relationship advice!

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Find your Hive and love them Hard! 

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