Why do some friends become lifetime friends and some are only seasonal?

We have all been there. We meet someone and become instant friends. We start to go to the movies, concerts and the park with them. We start binge watching shows and talking about lousy dates. It feels like you will be friends forever. Then one day, you realize you guys don’t have that much in common or they do something out of character and y’all start drifting apart. One day, your Facebook does a flashback and you forgot you were ever friends until that picture pops up on your feed.

Why do some friends only last a season and others a lifetime?

We all have that one best friend who no matter what we do, they love us. We get in fights, we don’t return each other’s clothes, we stay up ALL night talking about our childhood. We call her our BFF and she calls our parents her second set of parents. We do whatever it takes to maintain your friendship.

Why do some friends only last a season and others a lifetime?

Commitment vs Just a good time

Friendship takes commitment. Commitment means a friend who has decided the friendship means more than the good time. Some friends are around for the fun times but when it’s time to work through the hardship, they jet, they are not committed.

Loyalty vs lonely

Friendships can start from a place of two people feeling lonely. They need companionship and they met at the right time to keep each other company. Then their real interest start to come thru, both people start to make new friends and they start to move on because the loneliness is gone. There isn’t any loyalty and real lifetime friendship comes from a place of fierce loyalty.

Growing together vs outgrowing each other

Sometimes friends just outgrow each other. One becomes more career oriented and the other because a stay at home mom, you grow apart because you start to move in different directions. Other friends meet and chose to grow together even if they take different paths. The key word is chose, this is a choice. They help each other grow, learn from each other and support each other.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, don’t take it personal when you lose a friend, instead, be grateful when you meet your lifetime best friend!

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