Let's get real. We're all busy AF. Between our jobs, our families, trying to take care of our homes, Marie Kondo'ing EVERYTHING, our side hustles and catching up on our favorite Netflix Binge (I mean...Game Of Thrones is coming out soon ya'll), it can be super challenging to make and keep new friends.  We understand the struggle. We especially know since we're actively working full-time jobs AND running an event heavy business. (Like we couldn't tell you the last time we actually went out on a date...forget finding love when you're busy AF.)

So let's talk about how to balance it all and still make new friends, keep old friendships alive and feel like you're a life conquering BADASS. Because let's face it, you are and you can and you will. 

First things first - get yourself on some sort of routine. If you're already struggling to get through everything on your to-do list, try to have some semblance of a schedule. Use a planner, write it down, plug it in your Google Cal or whatever it is that you use to keep track of things. This gives you a chance to see the breaks in your schedule that you can make time for friends! There's like this glorification of spontaneity, that if you're able to be super spontaneous you're really awesome and you're free and available. But in reality, being spontaneous is really hard.  And there is NOTHING wrong with not being able to be that. Hell - we can't remember the last time we were spontaneous - whether it be for fun or just anything. We sorta schedule our spontaneity. (Does that make it really spontaneous? Prob not, ohhhh well). 

So put your shit on a schedule, give yourself nights off, put time with your friends on your calendar. Yeah, it feels totally lame - but here's the thing; if you don't it's going to be ten times harder to maintain those relationships. So instead of complaining about not having time for your friends...make time and do something about it. 

Actually go out and do shit. Ya'll - we see this over and over and we tell you over and over - YOU CAN'T MAKE FRIENDS IN YOUR HOUSE BY YOURSELF.  I mean maybe your cat is really fucking cool and you can get some love from him, but he's not going to ever be able to have a real, human conversation with you. Don't fool yourself - take your online facebook friendships offline. Use the damn schedule you just made and go out and do it.  

Find creative ways to incorporate your friends into your other stuff. Always working at a coffee shop for your side hustle? Find another friend who's doing the same and get them to come with you! You get friend time and work time at the same time. We call that a win-win. Do you work out regularly? Bring a friend! Going to the grocery store to stock up? Or maybe you're meal prepping - do it with a friend. You could actually do it together and exchange meals. Find areas of your life that could be more fun with friends. 

Stop making excuses. Excuses are like assholes - everyone has one. Is that the way the saying goes? Or is that Opinions? Who cares...either way, excuses are really fucking easy to issue. Because being lazy is WAY easier than putting in the work to maintain relationships. Because really - who wants to have someone you can complain about your work with, share the juicy details of your latest date or share a love of binge-watching Riverdale (because Archie is HOTTTTTTTT) - yeah no one wants that...So stop making excuses and start making an effort. Even if you're busy. Your friend can help you through that stressful shit - she can be that shoulder to cry on and the one who will get drunk with you when that douchebag from Tinder ghosted...again. 

Making friends and keeping those friendships strong takes work. It's not easy but it's really worth it when you put the effort in. Take it from us, we're like...the experts in being busy and having real friendships.  Truth be told...we spend a lot of our time with our friends drinking wine while watching the latest Netflix obsession, working on The B Hive and eating. We eat alot....like not even kidding.  But really it's about making our friends just as much of a priority as cleaning our bathroom. Because in our world - hanging with our friends definitely superceeds cleaning the toilet...just sayin. 

If you're ready to start making some time for your friends, or making time to make new friends - head to our registration page. We make it REALLY easy for you because we host regular events that you can like...put in your calendar. 



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