Dinner parties are one of the easiest and most fun ways to connect with friends. You've got great food, delicious drinks and amazing conversation. We started hosting members only dinner parties this past spring with an overwhelming response. Little did we know our members were itching to cook for friends and gather around a dinner table!

Because they've been so successful we put together a great list on how to make your own dinner parties a hit with your friends.


  1. Pick a dinner party style. Oh yes, there are multiple ways to host a dinner party. We've done everything from a potluck style, to a pre-planned menu to the hostess cooks everything. We even have an option to get everything catered.  Depending on your cooking preference and what your friends are down to do, we love picking a dinner party style.
  2. Have a theme! A theme gives everyone a direction of what to bring. For example, our last dinner party theme was food from around the world! Everyone brought a different dish from a different country (plus a beverage from that country). It was really fun because we got to taste some old family recipes and some authentic food!
  3. Keep it small and intimate. Unless you have a gigantic home and a huge kitchen - a small, intimate dinner party is the way to go. We try to limit our headcount to no more than 10 ladies. It lets us all chat with each other, ensures that everyone isn't cooking for an army and we all have a place to sit.
  4. Have fun with your decor & drinks! Your dinner party theme shouldn't stop at just your food - theme your drinks and your decor! We absolutely love it when our members get into decorating for their turn at hosting a dinner party and its even more fun when there's a cocktail that goes along with the theme!
  5. Keep everything organized with a shared spreadsheet. You would be surprised at how much organization can go into hosting a dinner party! We like to create a shared spreadsheet in our Google Drive that all of our attendees have access to. This way we know what everyone is bringing, ensures we don't have duplicates and can make requests if there's something missing. Its a great way to keep track of everything for your dinner party!
  6. Give your friends time to prepare. We like to schedule our dinner parties on the weekends. This way our members aren't racing home to cook and then jumping back into rush hour traffic. Check with your dinner party guests to find an ideal time to get together!

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