Needless to say - the beginning of 2020 has been a wild ride. And not a ride that is particularly fun.

When we started The B Hive Apiary back in 2015, we wanted to create a community that was grounded in meeting other women in-person to build bold and authentic friendships with other women. For five years (going on six!) we've poured not only our time and energy but our own personal money into growing The B Hive Apiary. What started as a way to selfishly make new friends, our purpose grew to help other women make new friends and not just in Austin - but other new cities as well like Seattle and Chicago.

And here we are, in the midst of a global pandemic and national economic crisis, as an in-person events company that is effectively banned from hosting in-person events. It has been a sobering and somber time for us.   We have always been transparent with our community that it is not free for us to run The B Hive Apiary. The costs to run this community can reach an upwards of $600 per month - we have not taken a single cent for ourselves since the creation of The B HIve Apiary, instead, we have paid the majority of our costs for The B Hive Apiary from our own pockets.

But we soldier on! Because we know how many of our members have met their best friends through our community, who have their solid circle of friends because of what we've built and have made relationships with other women that will see them through marriages, babies, breakups, new jobs, and tragedy. We know exactly how important it is, now more than ever, to have a solid, connected group of bold female friends. Who will be there for you through the good times and the bad times! We will do whatever we can to keep the lights on and to keep helping women build friendships with other women.

COVID has given us an entirely new appreciation for our friends and how truly important it is to stay connected even if it's virtually.  It not only makes us more passionate about what we're doing but also more passionate about the programs we've been working on in the realm of personal growth.   In the coming weeks, we will be putting together some free and low-cost online courses to help you navigate some of the things you may be facing in the coming months.  We're uniquely positioned to support you in a few ways- Erica's expertise lies with relationships and purpose, Angela's expertise lies with growing your career and professional development, and together we are able to support small business owners in a wide variety of ways.  We will be creating specific content around these areas. If you are searching for support on something specific, reach out to us! We may have something already available for you or have something in the works.

As we navigate how the way the world will be going forward, we're adapting our business and trying to figure out where we go from here. Because the world looks very different today than it did one year ago. And we anticipate it will continue to look different one month from now, three months from now and even a year from now.

If you love what we do, want us to continue building our communities across the United States, or want to support a small business who has been in continuous service to their community for nearly 6 years there a few ways you can help us!

  • Share our community, events, social media, website, and the word about The B Hive Apiary.  The larger our reach, the more women we can positively impact with friendship and support! Tag us on Instagram with the #TheBHive
  • Make a donation. We have a few ways you can donate: You can purchase a donation ticket to one of our virtual events (open to everyone in all time zones and to nonmembers!), you can visit our online store and make a donation there - we've created a few products that make it easy for you to donate.
  • Purchase a workbook or two! We've put a lot of effort into our workbooks and these were created specifically for our B.F.F Group Coaching program. Plus they're very inexpensive! Only $2.99! Or purchase the entire group of workbooks for $25!
  • Purchase an E-course! We're hoping to have our e-courses ready by mid-May. But we will be launching early bee sales of our e-courses in the coming weeks at an exclusive discount for our members.  These courses will be incredibly affordable and chock full of valuable content.  Our goal is to continue to create e-courses that will provide you with valuable resources for personal and professional development!
  • Inquire about 1:1 or Group Coaching. Our B.F.F Coaching Program is designed to be affordable, accessible, and flexible. We work with you on what you wish to accomplish and create a community-focused program of support from not only two certified coaches but other women in the program seeking support.  Our B.F.F Coaching Program is a no-contract program that you can pause or pick up at any time. If you want more, we can absolutely discuss our 1:1 coaching and how we can help you accomplish everything you want in the next year.

Your continued support of The B Hive Apiary is essential to the survival of our company.  We're not trying to get rich off The B Hive Apiary - we are however trying to keep it operating as close to normal as possible!  We don't want to fall victim to COVID 19 as so many other businesses have.  It's our dream to expand The B Hive Apiary across the country - to help more women create Bold Female Friendships.  It's our hope that we can continue to do so in 2020 and on.

We've already had so many of our members who have donated to us to help us survive. To those of you have - your continued support truly means the world to us. It allows us to keep going just one more day, one more month, and hopefully one more year.  Our hearts are full and we cannot possibly give you the thanks that you truly deserve.

And when we're able to be together in person again - you better believe we're throwing the BIGGEST PARTY EVER. Who wants to help us plan it?!

With gratitude, love and kindness,

Erica Vargas & Angela Melpolder

Co-Founders, The B Hive Apiary

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