Every article out there will tell you to volunteer to make friends in a new city. And its true, volunteering is a fantastic way to socialize. It was one of the many things I did to increase my social circle when I first moved to Austin. I found a few causes, committees and boards I could join to make some friends.  And I still participate in a few of those organizations - but others fell to the side when my social calendar filled with The B Hive events.


Many of the things I volunteered for were solo volunteer jobs - or committees that didn’t leave too much opportunity for socializing.  One of the things Erica and I had discussed as we created a road map and business plan for The B Hive was how we can incorporate giving back to our community but also fostering our own community in those actions.  Group volunteering was by far the best and easiest way to foster community and give back through The B Hive. It couldn’t be more perfect for us!


Group Volunteering? You can do that anywhere, why is it so special when you do it?


When we organize a group volunteer day, we take care of all the details. You just sign up and show up - that’s it! While we’ve created this easy way to find a group volunteer day, we’ve also made a huge commitment to making it social. By incorporating one of the essential reasons why so many who are new to town first find volunteer causes to participate in we’ve been able to create that exact environment to thrive on!

So how do we make it more social?


  • One of the first things we do is gain interest from our members - if they’re not down for it, it’s not going to be beneficial for anyone, including the organization.
  • We make sure that it's a GROUP activity - where we can include anywhere from 5 to 20 volunteers. One of our more popular volunteer days was working with Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue of Texas - we basically had a group of ladies cuddle puppies all afternoon in the beautiful sunshine! Can’t get much better than that!
  • We create social media around it. It seems obvious, but we really do find that creating a social media plan around our volunteer days encourages our members to get excited not only to support the cause but to meet other ladies in the group.
  • We show our gratitude to our members for their help and patronage. Because really, how else could we make our volunteer days successful without those who show up!?


Overall, we make our group volunteer days easy and fun for our members - with lots of opportunities to connect and develop greater connections with each other!


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