Unless you don't know Erica and Angela, you'll discover that they are not concerned with competition. Whether it be other women's groups or other female business owners, they very much believe in the concept of community over competition. They ultimately believe that in order to build a successful community, a successful business and authentic relationships - you must do so in the spirit of collaboration.

But that doesn't mean that competition isn't a little bit fun sometimes! Last year, we decided to host a healthy, somewhat athletic event for the members of The B Hive to fulfill that desire to compete! And thus, Field Day began!

If you weren't there last year, we gathered at Zilker Park to do all those games you loved as a kid - hula hoop races, water balloon tosses and tug-of-war! Ladies paired up and put their game faces on!

We are so excited to be hosting Field Day again this year! If you weren't able to make it last year, or are new to The B Hive this is a great opportunity to get together with other ladies, have some fun and get some exercise! You'll even get a t-shirt!

Check out some photos from our girl Rebecca of Mira Visu Photo from last year's event!

Want to join us for our 2nd Annual Field Day? Grab your tickets here -----> GET YOUR TICKETS

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