Our to-do lists never end. Our schedules will never not have a million things to do. We will always have chores around the house, things to do at work, piles of tasks for our businesses not to mention trying to maintain personal relationships with friends, family and romantic partners. It’s a lot.

Being busy is not something to be impressed by. It’s not something to brag about, to boast on or to inform people proudly of.  Being busy doesn’t even mean that you’re getting stuff done. It just means that you’re filled with activities, or you’ve got a lot to do.

Being Productive? Now THAT is something to be proud of. When you’ve got a million things on your to do list and you’re single handedly ticking them off the list - while maintaining your relationships, taking care of yourself and getting shit done.

Busy vs. Productive

When you’re productive, you tend to be more focused, goal oriented and prioritize.  We LOVE being productive - it’s really inspiring to do so. We have a million things to do while running not one, but three businesses each and maintaining full time jobs. But when we prioritize and we focus on one thing at a time - we sail through any tasks we’re tackling.

Busy people tend to just cram as much as they can into their calendar, multi-task, get distracted and say yes to everything.  Those who are “busy” tend to work slower on projects or tasks because they’re doing multiple things at once, or get shiny object syndrome.  You know when you start working on a project and then get a brilliant idea and your attention has shifted from what you were working on to this new project - you get excited and inspired but then your other work gets left to the wayside. It happens a lot and causes you to be super unproductive.

How can we transition from Busy to Productive?

Even with a list of a million and a half things to do - you can be more productive, have more time in your day and get more work done in less time. (imagine that!) So how do we do it?

  1. Create a system and implement it! We’re big day schedulers. When we know we have a big project to work on (creating a new course, recording videos, setting up a new email automation) we dedicated a WHOLE DAY, to working on just that. When we don’t have specific big things to work on - we have dedicated days for specific topics- Mondays for social media, Tuesdays for newsletters, etc. This allows us to stay focused on the topics at hand. Figure out what keeps you focused on projects and why and try to incorporate that into your system (or make it your system!)
  2. Learn to prioritize.As business owners, but also as career women - it can be difficult to know what things get higher on the priority list. Evaluate your tasks and determine which things are urgent (i.e do they need to be done right this second or your business will fail or you’ll get in trouble at work) or if they’re important (i.e. they need to be done but are not an immediate need). Figure out what is your most dreaded task - knock that off first. Not everything on your list is urgent (trust us, it's not). If you’re struggling to prioritize - ask for help!
  3. Stop multi-tasking. Girl, we know you can do it all and all at once. But your quality of work is going to be piss poor if you can’t give 100% of your attention to one thing at a time. You will work faster, produce higher quality of work and be more productive when you FOCUS.
  4. Stop saying yes to everything. This is essential to small business owners - we think we need to say yes to everything because we need the business - but you can say no and your calendar and sanity will thank you for it. Still say yes, but be more thoughtful about what you’re saying yes to, take your time and think about it before just agreeing.
  5. Delegate to the experts.As leaders, as business owners, as career professionals - so much is often times weighing on our shoulders that we, as individuals, feel the need to be the expert on everything. We need to prove we can do it all ourselves. But there’s strength in asking for help. Plus it allows you to focus on what you’re really good at! Delegate and delegate often!

Transition your mindset from being busy all the time and start focusing on being productive. You’ll realize that your schedule frees up, you’ll have more time for self care, for time with friends and family, and you’ll start LIVING your life!

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