Building Bold Relationships: How to Build Standards That Create Healthy Relationships

5 students

In this course, you will learn how to build standards that will support you in creating healthy relationships. You will learn how to communicate your needs in both romantic and non-romantic relationships. The first step in asking and attracting what you need is by uncovering your standards and boundaries. We will help you build healthy relationships, learn to communicate your needs, and live harmonious with the most important people in your life whether romantic partners, friends or family members. 

In this e-course you will:

  • Increased confidence in asking for what you really want in a relationship (romantic or otherwise)
  • A visual presentation of the standards for building and attracting healthy relationships.
  • A deeper understanding of what you truly need in a relationship that results in bold connection and intimate partnerships. 
  • Exploring what your “relationship stories” consist of and letting that go to rewrite a new story.
  • Gain clarity on your standards and core values around being in a relationship or partnership.
  • Embodying a deeper connection to the relationship you have with yourself. 

Erica is a love evolution coach that has 9 years in relationship and purpose coaching. She has designed this program and has witnessed the moment you work through your standards and values, and helps you so you can truly start to create the life you desire with people who support and empower you.