Bold Career Moves: Essentials to Landing A Great Job

6 students

In this course, you'll learn the essentials to finding, applying, and interviewing for your next role. Whether it be a complete career change, a step up in the ladder or just a move to a new environment we'll cover:

  • How to maximize your time while applying for jobs
  • How to keep your applications organized
  • Selecting the right resume template for your career
  • How to highlight the right career accomplishments that will land you a job
  • What mistakes to watch out for when creating your resume
  • Identifying keywords to help you with Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Writing a cover letter - write it? or skip it?
  • What to include in a cover letter if you write one
  • The final steps before you submit your resume
  • How to respond to requests for interviews and phone screens
  • Creating a lasting impressing on a hiring manager
  • The art of the follow up
  • And more!

In addition to the valuable content you'll get straight from a Career Coaching, Hiring Manager, and HR Professional you'll also get the following templates:

  • A simple and straight forward Resume template
  • A cover letter template
  • A pre-formatted job tracking sheet using Google Sheets.