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We recently polled our 500+ members recently and asked them - What do you want us to implement on our website?

It was not something we were at all surprised by - but the most popular choice was a Business Directory filled with deals and discounts exclusively for our members. Our members are BEGGING to spend their money at your business!  Most of the women in our Facebook group seek out recommendations from other members for everything from auto mechanics to hairstylists to restaurants for a romantic dinner. They ask us, regularly, for our specific recommendations of trusted, tried and true spots in Austin that we know and would whole heartedly recommend. Our members rely on us to provide them with good recommendations for businesses all across Austin. And they visit those places, they spend their money there.

Our business directory is a carefully curated selection of businesses that we personally review and approve to participate.  Not every business will be selected to take part in our directory and we limit each category to only 6 different businesses.  Our members value the opinions and recommendations of businesses in the Austin area and we would never provide them with a recommendation we ourselves, wouldn't use. 

Why You Should Join Our Directory...

Beautifully Designed Listings

Design aesthetic is important to us. We've thoughtfully designed our listings to reflect our level of design quality for our website. Your listing won't be just a few links and a dated looking design. With photos, samples of your work and a smart design, your business will be featured beautifully, while effectively promoting your services and products.

Powerful Social Media Features

We know the value of social media and the power it can wield when building your business and your audience. The businesses who are listed in our directory will get the power of not only our membership - but our social media backing as well. Extending far beyond the 500+ members. We will feature your business on our Instagram page, Facebook page and in our Facebook Groups - giving you thousands of eyes on your business!

Loyal Customer Base

Our Members are loyal...and they love to rave about great services, products and businesses. When our members find a business they really love, you're bound to get tagged, shared and featured by them in their personal networks over and over and over again.  Not only does your business become a B Hive Recommended Business but your business will become a highly recommended business by our members.

Tap into our Email List

Featured Businesses in our directory get a dedicated feature on not only our highly popular newsletters but also on our blog. Our members will get to know you and your business right in their inbox. Our email list is rapidly growing and we have high click rates and above industry average open rates. Take advantage of this by selecting our Featured Business Package.


Once you've completed the application, we will review and be in touch if there is anything additional we need from you. Once approved, we will send an invoice. If you have additional questions about the Business Directory, please contact us at and we'll be happy to set up a call to discuss. 

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