I remember my first clothing swap. It was nothing short of a magical experience: a room full of women drinking and trying on new-to-them clothing, and lots and lots of laughter.


I brought two trash bags full of clothes that I no longer wanted for myself, and they were accepted with open arms by the other women. These clothes that had become a burden to me were treasures to my friends. They were oohed-and-awed over, and ultimately every piece went to a new home.


I’ve hosted several clothing swaps with female friends since that first one. Each time it’s been a chance to hang with people I care about and pick up some new threads for free.


It’s in the spirit of those clothing swaps that I’m excited to host a clothing swap with my company Bravely. Bravely hosts financial literacy events for women in Austin. We’re the company that explains how to get out of debt, wtf investing really is, and how you can start saving money today.

Money is so much more than saving or investing though. Money touches every part of our lives- what we eat, where we go, and yes- what we wear. I know that my financial situation has dictated where I shop, what I buy, and how often I go shopping.


Clothes are a way of expressing both our sense of style and our values to the world. Our clothes tell everyone we meet a story about us. Thinking about that the other day, and remembering how much of a blast I’ve had at all the swaps I’ve been a part of that prompted me to bring the idea to my business.


The Power of Your Purchase: Clothing Swap and Talk is a chance to think about the impact behind our clothing purchases. Obviously, we feel the impact in our wallets when we trade our cash for a new item of clothing. But beyond that, what is the impact on the world around us? How can we shop ethically and still stick to our budgets?


I’ve put together a panel of fashion experts to talk about just that. At the event, we’ll open with a panel on how to spend your (hard-earned!) money at companies that you love and clothes that make you feel great.


Then we’ll get into the clothing swap! Each attendee will take home new-to-them clothes fo’ free, and get to enjoy drinks from Austin Cocktails. Bring your friends and get ready to make some new ones. I’ve never been to a swap where I didn’t leave with new clothes and a new friend.


Plus you’ll have the chance to meet with our panelists and get some style and shopping advice from them! Meet our panelists beforehand by stalking them online:

Nicole Seligman, founder Writes Like a Girl

Leti Bueno, sales associate Raven and Lily

Kelly Ernst, founder Redemin


We want our money to do good in the world. Money is a tool to live our best life, so where we spend it matters a lot. And at the same time, we want to look good! So come out and join Bravely for a chance to snag some new clothes, make new friends and enjoy a drink or two.

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