I hear women all the time talking about starting their own business. Or being a boss babe and taking their business to the next level. I read blogs about empowering women to take on the world and this inspires me to write about women becoming LEADERS. Not just hustling everyday but truly being a leader of your own life. Leaders are not only successful but they inspire others to be successful. They do not just pursue their own happiness but shine on others to desire to do the same.

I find often in my own life, I’ll feel like I’m working hard and seeing the fruits of my labor but still feel like there something wrong. I always check my leadership list and usually I’ll find that I can’t check off everything on the list. You see when I live my life as a leader and not just chasing the American dream, I feel more fulfilled because leadership is about caring about something or someone other than yourself.

What's on my Leader Checklist? See below!

  • Living with Intention:  Are your decisions based on a positive intention? An intention that fulfills your positive values and needs? Are you making decisions from your heart? Living with intentions means responding to life instead of reacting. It means making all our decisions on purpose with purpose.
  • Using intuition: have you ever noticed a really great leader seems like they were born to be a leader? Well, that’s because GREAT leaders learn to listen to their intuition. They get quiet and listen to that small voice that gives them great advice, help them make choices and guide them in their “yeses” and “nos”.
  • Be Authentic: Be yourself, don’t try to fit what society says you “should” be. There is no such thing as a perfect business woman, mother, career woman etc. So, STOP TRYING to be perfect and be authentic. Be goofy, type A, playful, disciplined and accept all parts of you.
  • Learn to Listen: Great leaders listen to people, they listen to their clients, business partner, romantic partner, children, mentor. They take the time to listen, understand and form your own perspective.
  • Choose Solutions Over Problems: it’s easy to be running a successful business or have a healthy partnership but only see the problems and what still needs to be done. Leaders are always looking for the solution. Sometimes they choose gratify and celebration as a solution instead of just focusing on what you don’t have. Sometimes the solution is to build standards and meet them and not worry about anything less.

When we choose to be a leader of our life, we live more fulfilled, have more energy and attract beautiful relationships. Both Angela and I are coaches and we offer a group coaching program! If you are interested in establishing yourself as a leader in your life - join us!

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