We're big believers of having coaches as an integral part of stepping up your life. We truly believe it's critical to have an external support system that will tell you what you might not want to hear but also cheer you on during the ups and downs.  Alot of people think they can get through life alone - without extra support, and while true in some situations, the support of a coach can accelerate your accomplishments and help you take leaps forward!

If you've ever thought to you yourself - why would I need a coach? Here are a few reasons you might want to consider one!

  1. You feel stuck in your life and are not sure how to get unstuck. Having a coach can help you navigate a path to get unstuck and help you come to new revelations about why you're stuck!
  2. You want to move up or out of your current career.  A coach with a focus on careers can help you navigate finding a new gig, give you advice on how to make moves at work or help you with the interview process!
  3. You are feeling down about love and relationships.  Whether you're ignoring the red flags or you're just not finding "the one", a coach can help you establish standards for your relationship and help you improve your communication with partners.
  4. You have goals you want to accomplish but are afraid.  Fear is a huge obstacle to us accomplishing our goals. A Coach will help you get past your fear and tackle your goals. We'll keep you accountable so you've got no excuses!
  5. You're feeling overwhelmed with everything from your career, to money to relationships and you want to cut through the noise.  Coaches can help you reduce the overwhelm in so many areas of life. Guiding you to focus and prioritize.
  6. Your confidence could use a boost.  Confidence is key to getting us through life! Coaches can help you discover your own self confidence and help it to grow.
  7. You want to start a business but you don't know where to start. Or you are struggling with your current business.  Business coaches can help you find new strategies and develop solid action plans for your business!
  8. You don't have support from family or friends. Sometimes you just need someone to say hey, you got this! Coaches are a builtin support system that will be there when you need them most.

There are so many more reasons you may consider hiring a coach - but these are some of the ones we've seen the most.  When you're looking for a coach, it's important to understand that often times they have a speciality or focus area.  Get clear on what you're looking for from a coach and find someone in that speciality.

If you feel like there's not just one area you need support in - consider the B.F.F Group Coaching program! Not only do you get the support of a lovely group of women from all across the country - but you get access to two certified coaches with their own expertise. Angela is a Business & Career Coach while Erica is a Relationship & Purpose Coach! The B.F.F Group Coaching program is uniquely positioned to help women in all areas of their lives both personal and professional!  Applications for The B.F.F Group Coaching Program will be opening soon!

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