Every day we meet new people and start new relationships. We do this without any intentions or standards. Some people analyze the people they meet, some people go by their gut, some people feel an emotional connection right from the beginning and these are all important but they don't always serve you in the long run. Building new relationships that are intentional and built on personal standards can be life-changing and actually create a happier life than you can imagine. 

Think of building a new relationship in three stages: 

Stage 1: First meeting and we decide by judgment, gut, or heart. 

Stage 2: What is the intention of this relationship? Romantic, friendship, business, hive, or community. 

Stage 3: Does this person meet my standards for building a bold and healthy relationship? This is the most important question we can ask ourselves. 

I have been helping women build personal standards for the romantic relationships they desire for about 10 years. I have heard every standard in the book, tall, adventurous, wealthy, kind. Over the years, I have realized there is a pattern in what the most important standards are to the majority of women. 

Here are the top five must-have standards you need to have a bold and healthy relationship. Ladies, before I start let me explain two things to you. One, there are standard descriptions but they are not a standard, Standard descriptions are words that describe a person but are not fact. Two, a standard is something you can see and measure. You should be able to see it in a person’s actions.

Ok! Here we go, what you have been waiting for. 


  1. A person with integrity (descriptor): a person who’s actions aligned with the words they speak, a person who shows up in your time of need because they are committed to the relationship, a person who tells the truth even when it is hard to hear (standard).
  2. A person who is reciprocal (descriptor): a person who returns calls or texts in a timely manner, a person who will sit with you in a deep and emotional conversation, a person who responds to your touch with kindness or passion (standard). 
  3. A person who is fun, creative, and adventures (descriptor): a person who goes on adventures with you, a person who lives their life with passion, a person who makes you laugh, or laughs with you (standard). 
  4. A person who is truthful (descriptor): this person does not cheat on you, does not lie to, does not steal from you (standard). This one seems obvious but I have witnessed women stay in relationships that people explain their way out of lying, cheating, or stealing. 
  5. A person who is ambitious or has a purpose (descriptor): a person who has a career and a career goal, a person who works on something that helps more than just themselves, a person who is committed to a big goal (standard). 

You might be looking at this list and thinking there are only two are three standards that align with my needs or you are thinking that you need to add to the list. That’s GREAT and it now has you thinking about the standards that will make you happy in partnership. Don’t worry if you need help, we have an e-course that walks you through every step to build your own standards. Head HERE and download our Building Bold Relationships e-course today.

About Erica:

Erica Vargas graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and this has lead her to a career in sales and technology. Erica has experience over 10 years in sales training. She continued her communications education by receiving her Ontological and Linguistic Coaching Certificate and has been a purpose and relationship coach for 8 years. She chose purpose and relationship coaching because she has an intuitive skill for getting to the heart of what is holding us back from living our best life with the people we love.

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