We couldn't help but share some of those tell tale signs that you're a single in Austin!!

You know you're single in Austin...

  • When you plan on going to a singles mixer, months ahead of time because you know you will still be single.
  • You have been on a paddle boarding, brewery tour, food truck first date.
  • You ask your friend which app she met her new guy on, totally assuming they didn't meet in person.
  • You know what ghosting, breadcrumbing and cushioning all mean and have done them recently. Whoops!
  • When your friends ALL get excited when someone makes out with a guy... and sit and stare in disbelief that you met someone. Then are totallynot surprised when you never hear from that person again. Whomp Whomp...
  • You automatically RSVP one for a wedding 4 months away... because you know you won't have a date.
  • You end up finally meeting someone awesome and they don't live in Austin. Every. Single. Time. 
  • You buy single tickets to concerts, movies, and because you know damn well you're going alone.
  • When you have heard of every type of dating app...every single one of them. You've also probably tried them all.
  • You know your single in Austin when you treat your dog like your best friend including going to restaurants, bars and parks with them! Dogs really are woman's best friend! (Unless you're in The B Hive!) 
  • You know you are single in Austin if... The fate of your weekend is decided by Do512, where the free shows are and the luck of the swipe.
  • You know you're single in Austin if you can relate to Peter Pan syndrome or know somebody suffering from it.

Got one to add? Share it with us! 

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