We've been asked quite a few times why everything we host isn't free. We also get asked (and told) that women in our community want to help repay us for the work that we do to help women make friends in Austin (and soon to be Seattle!). It's something that we've talked a lot about in both ways - how we can both offer an extended reach to our community but also to run The B Hive Apiary as a business.

We really value being transparent with our community. We think it is not only important for us as your friends but also as a business. While we may never reveal exact numbers of costs of items (unless you're on an event planning committee of ours), we do want to make sure that everyone understands where our money goes when we charge for events.

Let's use NYE Prom for an example, as its an event fresh in our minds and one of our more costly events. Why is it so much?

As those on our Prom Committee know - planning an event like this is not cheap. And we've moved forward holding this event as a house party because the cost of an event space could cost an upwards of $4000. And we hope to hold this event next year at an actual space! Between the alcohol, the swag, the decorations and any other odds and ends (like liability insurance) This event will cost approximately $1500+. Every prom ticket we sell will go directly into the cost of the event. Any excess? It will go directly into the costs of other events. This is why we encourage you to purchase your tickets early! Your ticket is likely paying for something very specific - like our Prom Swag or the keg! Every penny for an event like this counts.

So what about the fees for Brunch and MasterHive? 

We have found, that in today's culture - your RSVP means very little. People do not show for events they RSVP for in record numbers. In Austin - its even more so. Our RSVP fees are not donations, we are not a 501(c)3 and don't pretend to be otherwise. These Fees, pay for the processing fees we pay through Eventbrite and pay for other event needs - like snacks, decorations, swag that we often provide.

For our MasterHive it is slightly different - our MasterHive Sessions are incredibly valuable. Your 2 hour session is a mastermind group where you get incredible feedback not only from us, but also from other Business owners who have been there.  You'll have access to two certified coaches, and often time other professionals who often charge for the valuable insight they provide the women at these events. Our MasterHive groups will have all women from all sorts of industries and fields - providing so much context for different businesses. You are getting a significant value for just $10 a month and you're not crammed into a room with 100 women all talking over each other.

Our Primary reason however for charging for these events is to gain commitment from those who RSVP. It's easy to say that you will attend and not show up if the event is free. It happens to us often for our free events and we make sure to let our community know that it is not ok to do that within our group, as its disrespectful to the hostess. Our small fee keeps people committed to attending. Which in turn, allows us to foster the relationships amongst our members!

For those asking about how they can "repay us" for the work we've done...

Like many female business owners - we struggle with asking for money, we so often want to be able to do it all on our own. The biggest impact that you can have is to SHARE our events with your own personal networks, ATTEND the events that have a fee (this is a big one! and helps the most!), TAG us in your Instagram, Facebook or other social media accounts and TALK about the value of our community with others!

We will have some other paid events and opportunities in the coming months for those who perhaps can't attend an event that has a fee but still want to help us build this amazing community. When those opportunities arise we ask you to share them and contribute! It will make all the difference in the world and allow for us to continue to grow this community outside of Austin.


We love this amazing community and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Want to attend NYE Prom? Join our community!