Here are the five ways you are in the atmosphere of an Independent Woman!

She is on a SCHEDULE. An Independent Woman has an organizer, she probably has three. She writes down everything. She will not make plans with you until she "checks her schedule". She honors her time and knows the value of her time. If you make it on an Independent Woman's schedule, pat yourself on the back!

She uses her VOICE. An Independent Woman has a voice and uses it. She has opinions but she also thinks through her thoughts before she speaks. An Independent Woman knows the value of her thoughts and wants to make the biggest impact with her voice. If you are in a conversation with an Independent Woman, listen up, you will probably learn something!

She knows what she WANTS. An Independent Woman takes the time to think about what she wants. She works hard and chooses well. She will evaluate all her options and choose the best one for her. If she chooses YOU, hug yourself, you just became the luckiest person alive!

She works HARD. An Independent Woman is the hardest on herself than anyone else is on her. She has high standards for herself. She works hard to achieve her goals. She wakes up thinking about what she will achieve and goes to bed thinking about her next steps. If an Independent Woman is hard on you, its only because she sees your potential and wants the best for you too.

She LOVES hard. An Independent Woman can seem touch on the exterior. She may seem like she has a bunch of walls up. She will make most people thinking that she doesn't need anyone (because she probably doesn't). The best part of an Independent Woman is when she lets the walls down, slows down the hustle; she is loyal and loves you with all her heart. She will be honest with you, she will want the best life for you and she will do whatever she can to help you get the best life possible.

Happy Independence Day ! But here at the B Hive We are celebrating Independent Women!!! May we know them, may we raise them and may we B them!