I’m going to let you in on a little secret that’s going to sound crazy coming from a nutritionist. When it comes to eating right, proper nutrition and wellness, it’s never just about the food. There. I’ve said it. Yes, the right foods are important, but your mindset and relationship with food are the true keys to sustainable, lifelong wellness. Unless, and until, you get your mind right when it comes to food, nothing can truly change for very long.

How we think about food and wellness has a big impact on our success in healthier living. Following a super strict food plan or diet can lead to weight loss and feeling better, but it’s oftentimes hard to maintain over the long term leading to gaining weight back, feeling bad about yourself or even just losing motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. (Note: Some health conditions can require eating/omitting specific foods, and adhering to that to the letter in order to…well…live. I’m not necessarily speaking to that here, although, mindset still plays a role in that case. I’m talking about general, healthy living and meeting your own health goals.)

Obviously, we all have our own struggles with our bodies, how we see ourselves, how we comfort ourselves in times of stress (good or bad!), and food and eating can play a huge part in all of these things. By working on changing your mindset, you’re putting yourself on the right path towards wellness. I want you to have the right mindset – for yourself – to live a vibrant, healthy life.

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About Kelly & rashon:

I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant and owner of rashon. What is rashon? rashon is the word “ration” spelled phonetically, meaning “a sufficient or adequate amount.” By eating the right, or adequate, foods for your unique health needs, you can drastically improve your quality of life, and in many cases, reverse disease and illness.

It is my life’s mission to empower others to live vibrant, healthy lives through whole-foods based nutrition and holistic education, bio-individualized to you.

I am not a cookie cutter—and neither are you. Ultimately, when we work together, you will get a “no labels” approach to food, as well as the nutritional wisdom and health tools that you may have been searching for all along.

Join my team and shift from feeling overwhelmed, at a loss, stressed out or sick and tired (of being sick and tired) to marching forward while taking back your health (and life) into your own hands.