Austin is a beautiful city full of lots of things to do and tons of adventures to go on. This is obvious but when I first moved here, I was exploring most of this city solo. I would run (honestly fast walk) lady bird lake boardwalk alone, I spent a day at Graffiti park taking photos prepping for the day when my friends would visit and eating at East Side Kings desperately looking around for a friendly face.

My lonely days were quickly forgotten once Angela and I started The B Hive. It started growing quickly and our social calendar was filling up fast! It wasn't until we asked the hivers about the best part about being in the B Hive circle and a lot of them answered, having friends to explore Austin with, it reminded  us of the importance of friendship and exploring!

A quick break down of the places The B Hive has explored together!

Hamilton Pools, the Green Belt, Zilker park, Sunday Funday on Rainy Street, Saturday night dancing on West 6th, brunch at The Domain. The list goes on and on. Some of us have even traveled to Chicago together!

We already have plans for this summer including tubing the river, hiking enchanted rock, a trip to Mexico, a trip to New Orleans! If you are looking for an amazing group of women to explore ATX, you will always find one in The B Hive!