We see it all the time.  "I've been here for a year and I don't have any friends."  and on the flip side, we see events posted and get zero attendance. We'll give you a hint - there's a direct correlation with the two!


We realized pretty early on that there was one really big factor in hosting successful, intimate events that promote friendship.


But consistency doesn't come just from the event planning perspective. It comes from the participant perspective as well.

When we moved here, we were like many other newbies to town. Maybe knew a few people here or there, significant others, coworkers etc. We tried to go to events, but maybe didn't go to any consistently, didn't really meet anyone at those events because other folks were in the same boat: try one event, never show up again. When you have 20 people cycling through each event, it's really hard to make friends. But its also really hard when the events aren't consistent.


We knew, right away, that when we were going to start planning events, we wanted to have consistent, signature events that ladies could rely on. And WE would always be present - so there was a familiar face every time you came.


So we filled up our social calendar. And we filled up our members too. And guess what we noticed?


Women started making real friends. AND they started spending time with each other OUTSIDE of our events.


Attending events by yourself though, is really hard. Especially if you're shy. Or maybe a little introverted. But take it from Angela, one of the Co-founders of The B Hive Apiary - when the events are smaller, it's much easier to feel included and reduce those shy feelings. She encourages you to take a scary leap and just attend!  But be particular of your events - stick to small things. Small brunches, book clubs at someone's home or girls nights in. When you're out and about trying to meet someone at a happy hour or big social event, it's much more challenging to be brave - but also easier for you to sneak off without anyone knowing.


When you do start filling up your social calendar with those smaller, intimate events - you'll realize, particularly if you attend The B Hive Apiary events, that you'll see familiar faces, start making authentic connections with women and really start building your friend circle in a new place.


Not to mention, with a full social calendar you will get to enjoy so much more of the city you're new to!


We know that having a full calendar seems daunting, and exhausting. But here's the thing - you will not make new friends sitting behind your computer screen, on your couch in your pajamas. You NEED to go out and meet people in person. Create connections face to face.


If you have a hard time, or need some encouragement, you are, at any time, able to contact Angela & Erica! We will always be supportive force and help you through introversion and shyness!


If you're not a member, join us now! And get access to our public and private events calendar!

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