When we started The B Hive Apiary, it was merely a place for us to build our friendship circle and help other women who were new to Austin do the same. Months into planning our events, talking to our members and watching the activity in our Facebook Group (If you're not a member - head to our Membership page to register!), we realized the desperate need for a similar community for professional women.


And we're not talking just entrepreneurs. We're also talking about women who are career motivated, killing the game in their 9-5 and likely doing it alone. Because being a boss bee - whether as a business owner or as a professional career girl, can be incredibly isolating. We're working hard to break glass ceilings and balance the responsibilities of being a woman.


Six months in, after turning The B Hive Apiary into an official business, we added a new membership - just for business owners.  The more events we planned, the more we worked with these female business owners - the more we realized that there is a real need for intimate, authentic connections for female professionals. There's a need for real support, actionable work and just a place to cry when shit hits the fan.


After a lot of discussion and brainstorming, we decided that expanding this area - the professional woman support system - was a real part of our value system and was something we were really excited about! So we decided to expand The Hive locally with The Business Hive Academy!


But then something exciting started happening - our extended networks - that were not local, were hungry for what we are doing. The Business Hive Academy evolved - and we're moving it online, with in person events around the country to help support other women in other cities craving the same authentic connections with other women locally.

To celebrate this new beginning and this new Hive - we decided to plan a launch locally here in Austin!!! One of our signature events for The B Hive Apiary - our MasterHive mastermind sessions, is now expanded to an entire day. Chock full of education, authentic connecting and real work you can do to help your business or your career.


So what does the day entail? We're welcoming Jessica Frey of Jessica Frey Photography  and local leader of the Austin Chapter of The Rising Tide to talk about community over competition, being a mom and a business owner and how important having a supportive community can be for your business!  Liza Wilson of Toybrary Austin, will be talking about the importance of mentorship and collaboration - even when its your "competition" and how to find an awesome mentor! Last but not least, we have Ashton Haywood of Women Who Werk, she'll be talking about setting goals, leaning in and living a life you love!


In addition to these awesome speakers, we will be discussing Leading with purpose, How to build your community so you build your business and connecting with your ideal client (you'll REALLY want to listen to that one!). We'll have business building worksheets and activities and you'll also get a free copy of our workbook "Build Your Community, Build Your Business".


Once your head is filled with awesome knowledge, your heart filled with meaningful connections, your belly will be full with a tasty lunch, lots of coffee and cocktails if you join us for our Happy Hour!


If you're ready to really start making connections, building your community and start boosting your business - join us on April 7th! Tickets are $79 and include lunch & beverages!

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