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Meet Jeannie and Nicole! Jeannie is a recent transplant to Austin and is from the East Coast! Long Distance BFFs can be far away in location but are always in our hearts!

How did you Meet?

Jeannie:  We met in Social Work class in Fall 2008 at Plymouth State University. I was a sophomore and Nicole was a first year. We sat in the back corner with a couple of other girls in the class and we all instantly clicked over not being a fan of the blonde girl in the front row. It was the first day of classes.

Nicole: Jeannie and I met during our undergrad at Plymouth State. Jeannie was the “experienced sophomore” and local to NH, I was a “first year student” and doing my best to find my barrings in a new state!

How did you know you wanted to be friends?

Jeannie: I’m not exactly sure, haha. A group of us clicked and my boyfriend at the time was having a party so I invited Nicole and a few of the other girls from class and I think the rest was history. I think it was after that first get together outside of class is when we knew we wanted to be friends? We volunteered together, we did a lot together when we were walking distance away.

Nicole: Jeannie and I had several social work classes together, in class alone I could tell Jeannie had a contagious personality, always reaching out to make others feel included. I knew from the start that Jeannie had the kind of positivity I needed in my circle! Outside of class I started spending time at Jeannie’s apartment and from there our friendship quickly spiraled. We shared classes and many mutual friends, I helped coin her infamous nickname, “J-Choe” and we have never been short on laughs (or tequila!).

What works about your friendship?

Jeannie: There’s a lot that works about our friendship. We make it a point to talk daily, even if it’s before bed to just say hi. We also keep each other accountable as much as possible. We re-assure the other that it’s not selfish to say “no” and to think of ourselves and self-care isn’t selfish. We pulse check just to make sure the other isn’t spreading themselves too thin. We think very similarly in about 99% of our lives. We generally always see the other’s perspective on things and support them no matter what, but also feel as though we each have the freedom to voice our opinion on the situation and take into consideration the other’s opinion.

Nicole: Honesty and communication! Jeannie is one of the most open and honest individuals I know, and those qualities shine through in our friendship. When I’m in a rut or need a pep talk, Jeannie offers me friendly ears and encouraging words. Likewise, I am never afraid to reciprocate Jeannie with the same level of honesty and communication. We both keep each other grounded and in check when life throws a curveball. Regardless of the distance and living in separate time zones, we both always put in the effort. Whether a quick G-chat during the work day, a random emoji to put a smile on the other's face, or plane tickets to visit one another .... we both put in the effort to communicate with one another often.

What do you do to sustain your friendship?

Jeannie: We check in once a day either via GChat or text, we used to be able to chat throughout the day, but we both are busy with work so we check in when we can throughout the day. We call each other when the other is driving on the off chance that the other is driving too. I think a lot of what works about our friendship is how we sustain it. We appreciate each other…a lot and we tell each other that constantly, we may not say “I appreciate you,” but something we say or do always shows it.

Nicole:  Ummm...see above! At the end of the day, Jeannie and I always have the ability to pickup right where we left off! What is great about our friendship is that we share a solid group of close friends. So, it is easy for us to make our own plans together, or gather with a group and still have equal amounts of fun!

What do you love most about each other?

Jeannie: How supportive she is and how big her freaking heart is. She is my biggest supporter and biggest cheerleader. When I told her I made the decision to move to Austin she was more supportive than I could have imagined. In the 6 weeks before I left I don’t think I had seen her in that short amount of time since college. We’re adults and we live busy lives and getting together got harder the older we got. She was there to help me make my lists of what I had to get done in NH before I left and what I had to do in Austin when I got here and helped me figure out what I needed. She came and helped me clean out my house and pack and store stuff in the storage unit, of course I treated her to some sushi as a thank you. She made me a “game” for the 40 hour drive we had to Austin, every hour I opened and envelope and in the envelop was some great things! She was my last place I had slept (other than Chris’) before I left. I snuggled up with her cat Regina and space bagged the crap out of all my crap. She’s the most supportive person in my life and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Nicole: I LOVE that J Choe is Asian and can make the best rice! Also, it's a bonus that Jeannie is always down for food or drinks! Tacos, sushi, beer or margaritas ... Jeannie is always down! 


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