Can we just tell you how much we love this new blog series!?  Not all our featured BFFs met through The B Hive Apiary, but reading everyone's "origin story" has been not only touching but often times hilarious. Ya'll got senses of humor!

This Meet My Bestie feature we spoke to April and Rachel!


How did you meet?

Rachel: We met in Mr. Smetana's ninth grade geometry class at Robert E. Lee (yep) Junior High in San Angelo, TX. April was new to the school, but I had been there since seventh grade and had cultivated a comfortable niche in the junior high social strata, which, as everyone knows, involves a lot of slandering of those perceived to be outsiders, i.e. the new girl. So, I was trumpeting a not-so-savory rumor about this April girl and a boy when somebody behind me sharply interrupted, vehemently denying the truth of a story that I had received in good faith from a girl who had a crush on said boy. It turned out that this outraged person was, in fact, the April in question. Who knew!? Talk about awkward. All there was left to do was apologize. Not long after, and I mean like a week, she invited me to her birthday party, and, yeah, it just stuck.

April: Rachel and I met in Mr. Smetana's Geometry class in 9th grade. One day I walked into class and heard some girls spreading gossip about me and one of them was Rachel. I walked over to them and stood up for myself, and Rachel was the only one who apologized. She was just so genuine. She explained that, even though she knew me from Geometry and had a good opinion of me as a classmate, she hadn't matched the face to the name, plus she normally doesn't participate in gossip. (This is true! She doesn't!) A few weeks later another girl was invited to my slumber party for my 15th birthday, and she said she wanted to come but already had plans to hang out with Rachel. She asked if Rachel could come. I said, "Sure! Rachel seems cool."

How did you know you wanted to be friends?

Rachel: I couldn't help but respect somebody that had the courage to stand up for themselves combined with the kindness and understanding to forgive. I still think that's pretty darned unique and impressive.

April: Long story short, Rachel and I ended up staying up all night laughing our asses off while the other girls slept. That's when I knew we would be very good friends. The following summer was the best summer of my entire young life.


What works about your friendship?

Rachel: All the good friendship stuff, listening without judgment, unconditional support, creative encouragement, etc. She's genuinely good at all that, and I know that she loves me no matter how dark I get or how wrong I am. Honestly, though, it's our shared ability to think the same jokes are funny for eternity. The more times you tell them, the funnier they get, ESPECIALLY when everyone else is sick of them. Is that a horse? Is it dead? Can I beat it?

April: We both love to chat, and we converse at the same level and pace, and we both love to cook. Cooking and baking has become a central part of our friendship, since the onset of adulthood. We potluck a lot and we have full access to each other's kitchens, and we know each other's recipes so we're really good at planning and cooking big meals together, too. Our spiritual outlook and belief systems are very similar, but we definitely have challenged each other to think bigger and become more openminded and creative. At this point our significant others, parents, and siblings consider us a member of each other's families. My kid calls her "Aunt Rachel." We don't see each other as often as we like, especially since she moved away into the country about an hour-and-a-half outside of town, but now our visits are more prolonged and so, so fun. In between, we text, a lot.

Oh, and most importantly-- we can always make the other one laugh. We're super silly. Our inside jokes have inside jokes.


What do you guys work on to sustain your friendship?

Rachel: I am truly flaky and terrible at keeping in touch. I try really hard not to be that way with her, and I think she works on forgiving me for it.

April: We've seen each other through a lot of darkness and pretty much every major relationship issue you can think of, including the tragic deaths of a few mutual friends, plus both our first marriages and both our divorces. We always manage to make the hard stuff fun. She's my rock!

What’s the thing you love most about your BFF?

Rachel: I know everybody always says sense of humor, but I'm really going to have to go with her appreciation for the noble nutria.

April: Rachel is a litmus test for other friendships. If Rachel doesn't like one of my other friends, or if I cannot imagine them getting along with Rachel, it gives me pause because she gets along with practically everyone and has zero tolerance for bullsh. I can always count on her, too. If something horrible happens to me, she has been and will always be right there, in person.

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