Being a business owner is tough, exhausting and often times a little bit lonely. We totally understand - as business owners, not only of The B Hive but also of our own coaching practices, it can sometimes feel as though we're on a deserted island with no one to help us but ourselves.

We recognized that not only did we feel this way, but other women too. And going to large business networking groups just did not give us the support we needed. We wanted to learn, collaborate and to really solve the problems we had through a support network of other female entrepreneurs, not pass around business cards and get hard pitches from other business owners. In a similar way that we created The B Hive Apiary, expanding our membership to include female business owners - selfishly! We wanted to have that support system - so we created it!

The B Hive Apiary has always been this moving, evolving social circle - changing as the needs and desires of the women who are members changed. And when we realized that we had some super awesome boss babes in our membership, we knew we had to give them a safe space to really connect, collaborate and get the support they needed to build their business in a new city.

We started this initiative just a few months ago and we have seen such an overwhelmingly positive response that we have BIG plans for 2018!

So what do we do that helps you elevate your business that makes us stand out from other business groups?

  • We're very affirmatively NOT a networking group. While we encourage you to exchange business cards, telephone numbers and emails with other women who attend our events. We have always declared that we are in no way, shape, or form, a networking group. We are a community - who's mission is to build authentic relationships with others - not only socially but in a professional capacity as well.
  • We're all about collaboration and education. We started our business portion of The B Hive Apiary with the intent to really provide opportunities for female business owners to learn from other women in the group (including us!) but also to share what they know. Our collaborative events and projects with our Worker B Members are super fun and often times provide all of our B Hive Members with a high quality service from someone they know and love! Our MasterHive Masterminding sessions are a stellar way to connect and work through your struggles with the support of other business owners!
  • We want to get you work and help you make money! Other groups leave it up to you to promote yourself and your business. But that's not how we operate. We actually sit down with you and come up with a fluid plan of how we can help you build your business. Whether it be providing you with some tips and coaching or whether it be marketing for one of your upcoming sales or specials. We're here, ultimately, to help you build your business!
  • It's always been Quality over Quantity. We are so proud of the quality of women in our group. It truly is the most valuable part of our business and our membership. We value having high quality, active participants - whether it be Honey B Members or Worker B Members. They're committed, excited and are not only moving themselves forward, but moving each other forward to success! We would much rather have 100 of those women, than 1000 disengaged members.
  • It's not about us - it's always about you. ¬†Similarly to us wanting to help you get work and make you money by helping you with your business through marketing and coaching, we have always envisioned The B Hive Apiary as a this amazing community. We never intended on making it a business - it was just a fun way for us to make friends. But after much encouragement from our members and with their help, suggestions and ideas we took the leap! But it's never about us, or our egos. We're not trying to give ourselves a pat on the back. Our ultimate goal is helping YOU - whether it be making a new friend, getting out of your comfort zone or building your business - its all about YOU.

If you're looking for a strong, supportive community of women or if you're looking to get out of all those other networking groups and find a solid group of business BFFs. Join us!