Fighting with your friends is never fun. But it happens. Just like any relationship, arguments, and disagreements happen.

So how do you deal when you're just not getting along? Or you have a big fight?

Here are some tips for dealing with fighting with your friends....

  1. Be honest and open with communication. Sometimes a fight starts without even realizing that there's something wrong or bothering you or your friend. Establish a relationship that is open, honest and vulnerable. Those qualities will help you communicate during arguments.
  2. Take some space. There is nothing wrong with taking a little bit of space to let yourself cool off and evaluate the argument from a different perspective. You'd be surprised what realizations you can make when you step back for a minute.
  3. Don't let other friends tell you how you're supposed to feel. This is a big one, especially for me, it happens SO often when other friends get involved in a disagreement and start telling you how your supposed to feel about it all. Ultimately you are allowed to have whatever feelings you want! Don't let anyone, including yourself, make you feel guilty for feeling upset.
  4. Don't force your other friends to take sides. It puts everyone in a bad situation and ultimately hurts everyone.
  5. Find a way to be ok with whatever happens next. I'm going to get really real. Sometimes after a bad fight - friends don't make up. And it's 100% ok. You have to accept that things don't always work out like we think they should. And sometimes, ending a friendship can be better for you in the long run if the relationship was super toxic.

In my own personal experiences, I've had to learn that you really have to be ok with what happens next - and that includes watching others leave your life because sides were taken. And it hurts, a lot, but after awhile, you realize that those relationships were replaced with ones that are amazing, supportive and lift you up in ways you never thought you would.

Always be honest with your friends, be vulnerable when something hurts you or bothers you. Keeping it all inside just festers and never ends well.  When you're honest, not only with your friends but with will continue to grow.

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