In late September, we launched our Earn Your Worker B Membership. This is a way for business owners in The B Hive who have been interested in joining The B Hive at the Worker B Level but perhaps doesn't have the membership fee to spend right up front (we totally understand, running a business is expensive!)

Our EYM program received a TREMENDOUS response! We had so many women inquire and sign up with us that we didn't know what to do with ourselves!

So how does the program work? Each member who participates in the EYM comes up with an event, product or other creative avenue that we offer to our members! Together, we sell tickets or the product to members and the public until the Membership fee is reached! Anything over the membership fee is sent right back to the Business owner!  It's a great program that helps business owners reach more women who may be interested in what they offer and it gives us the opportunity to truly collaborate with other business owners! Not to mention, business owners who participate get the full Worker B Membership!

One of our newest EYM Worker Bs is Alena E Photography! We were super excited that Alena wanted to participate in the program because she's a very talented photographer here in Austin! As a Natural Light photographer, she takes gorgeous images with very little need for editing. Her style is unique, bright and very etherial. We LOVE IT!

Alena came to us with a fantastic product for the Holidays!

She is offering members and the public special holiday mini sessions for $125! Her Mini Sessions include 10 beautiful images and 25 Holiday cards!  It's a steal of a deal for such a talented photographer and you'll have images you'll love to show your family and friends for sure.

Even more special? Alena has decided to donate $25 of every session to Austin Pets Alive! So not only will you get gorgeous images, adorable Christmas cards but you'll also be giving back to an organization in Austin that is near and dear to everyone's hearts!

If you're interested in scheduling a session with Alena, head over to our shop!

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