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I'm grateful for this group and what it has brought to my life...

I happened upon the B Hive through a friend right as it was getting started and am so glad I did!  I had been wanting to expand my circle of friends, but found it wasn’t easy to do. The B Hive made that easy and have become friends with a number of supportive, positive and fun ladies through the group.  I’m not a big planner and love that the B Hive has lots of fun regular activities from our book club and brunches to happy hours and meeting up to do other fun things going on in Austin. I’m grateful for this group and what it has brought to my life. ~ Laura R.

I truly appreciate the kind spirit and sincerity of each of the members...

The thing I value the most about The B Hive are the friends I have made and their words of encouragement. I truly appreciate the kind spirit and sincerity of each of the members. Since joining the B Hive I am less of an awkward introvert. I love The B Hive and all it has to offer. Anyone who wants to make lasting and genuine relationships should be a part of this amazing group. ~ Natalie L.

Finding my Hive meant finding the best parts of me in other women...

After graduation, the majority of my friend group dispersed. Onward and upward to better places, jobs, and schools. On a mission to justify my decision to stay in Austin, I threw myself into work for about a year. Slowly, I built up myself and my own hobbies- dance classes, comedy shows, baking courses, hiking, you name it. I realized although I enjoyed my side activities alone, I could thoroughly enjoy this time with friends. So, in search of genuine friends, I joined The B Hive. I have bonded with women over cardio class, hiking, concerts, stuffing our faces and obviously while drinking mimosas. Finding my Hive meant finding the best parts of me in other women. I've always loved Austin, but after joining the b hive I now love my life in Austin, too. ~ Tessa T.

The B Hive helped me through such a rough time in life...

The B-Hive gave me a group of ladies to do all the fun things in Austin with. It seems like no matter what the event, you can always find someone to go with you. And the fact that everyone respects everyone and there's no drama is perfect. The B-Hive helped me through such a rough time in life. A time when I was trying to find my way again and figure out who I wanted to be and who I needed to be around. I thank them for finding myself again! ~ Crystal Gayle M.

Everyone knows how overwhelming and challenging it can be to make new friends as an adult...

I moved to Austin without knowing a soul in 2015, and everyone knows how overwhelming and challenging it can be to make new friends as an adult! Thankfully I met Angela and Erica, the founders of The Bhive, and I’ve been a part of this wonderful community of girls from the beginning! This group fosters such an uplifting, warm, welcoming and friendly vibe, filled with positivity and encouraging of diversity. With such a varied set of people found within this ‘hive’ of girls, each embodying a unique set of skills and talents, it creates an atmosphere of, not only friendship, but also of learning and personal growth within each member as well. There is a strong presence of empowerment and confidence that runs throughout this society of women, and I am immensely grateful, delighted, blessed and whatever other congenial adjectives one can think up, that I am a part of this lovely company of women. ~ Melissa K.

I can't imagine my transition to a brand new city without them...

The B Hive is some of the sweetest, most kind-hearted loving group of girls you'll meet.  I've made friends with so many women in the area that I can truly call upon. Being a part of the B Hive allows me to connect with women who are new to the area and are looking to create lasting friendships which is something that you just don't find anywhere else.   I am so grateful for all of the love and support they have provided myself and my business. I moved to Austin with no friends and no family. I can't imagine my transition to a brand new city without them. ~ Rebecca H.

I have lived in several different states and never made genuine lifelong friendships so fast...

~ Stacy M.

I'm so happy to be part of such an amazing and supportive group of women...

I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing and supportive group of women. Not only do we have fun, but I know I have a great network of supportive women who are always there to help and further one another.  ~ Katy H.

No Relationship is built overnight - they all require time...

No relationship is built overnight - they all require time.  But, The B-Hive is the safety net and support system every kind, independent woman should have - and deserves! ~ Clara B.

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