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The Honey B Membership is our FREE Social Membership! Make new friends, fill your social calendar and get access to all our exclusive Members Only events, content and Facebook group! This is the membership level idea for ladies new to town and looking for an active, authentic group of women to be friends with!

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  • There aren't enough positive words to describe The B Hive and what it has brought to my life in the past almost year. The community, the diversity and the overall welcoming atmosphere by the founders and the rest of the girls are so great. Finding great friends like this usually don't come along all at once, but here they do. Blessed to have and know you all!

    ~Marisa S.

  • I love that this community of girls is DRAMA FREE! I didn't join a sorority in college because I don't like added drama. As an adult, it's harder to make friends so you have to join more things anyway. The B Hive is always accepting of EVERYONE. And what's crazy is every girl I've met in it is like that. Likeness attracts likeness and The B Hive absolutely shows that. We accept and love everyone. We are fair to everyone, no cliques, and no worries about being left out. I love it!!

    ~Crystal M.

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